Buttock hair: questions of epilation are so intimate

Buttock hair: questions of epilation are so intimate

The beach season in the heat and question, than to depilate bottom and in the field of bikini, is particularly acute very much. In principle, it is not difficult to get rid of excess vegetation in this zone. But it is convenient to apply not all house means independently.

The concept intimate epilation has come to the West from the East. Naturally, there the climate hotter, and it stimulates to depilate even in groin.

The fastest removal of hair in intimate zone in house conditions is carried out by means of the safety razor. This way is good the availability and simplicity.

Besides, it is convenient to carry out shaving of hair around anus with own hand, for example, in front of the mirror. Though it is possible to get the hang and shave to the touch. However the intimate epilation by means of the machine yields short-term result. Besides hair after shaving become more rigid. And skin can negatively react – rashes and itch.

Everything the interested, than to depilate bottom, it is possible to recommend cream depilator. The so-called chemical epilation deletes vegetation quickly and without serious consequences. Similar lotions can be used without special skill. Besides effect of creams depilators more long-term, than from the machine. The danger of allergic reaction and also its inefficiency to hard hair belongs to minuses of this method.

To replace vaksing – epilation hot wax – the sugaring has come. The procedure means removal of hair by means of sugar paste. Removal of hair in intimate zone in house conditions by means of sugaring has number of indisputable advantages. First, it is less painful in comparison with wax. Secondly, gives really long-term effect. Thirdly, after sugaring the hair become thinner and weak that facilitates their subsequent removal. The low pain threshold and damages on skin can become obstacle in way to sugaring. Besides not all manage to weld in the first time the mass of the necessary consistence.

For that who have vegetation near anus too plentiful there is saloon intimate epilation. The photoepilation and the laser enjoys wide popularity of clients. These procedures allow to depilate if not forever, then for several months, and even flying. The photoepilation is very demanded owing to the efficiency and painlessness. Though the service costs expensive, it is spoken well by the fact that already through 5 sessions it is possible to get rid of all undesirable hair. By means of the laser destroy hair follicles that attracts hair loss and considerable delay of their growth. However the procedure is effective only at dark vegetation and does not affect light down.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team