Care for oily skin of the person in the flying

Care for oily skin of the person in the flying

Face skin care has to be miscellaneous seasonally. The main task in cold time is moistening and nutrition, and clarification is important in the flying. It is the most difficult to pick up the correct leaving to owners of oily skin. It can get by inheritance, to become result of influence of external factors, hormonal change or wrong leaving. As it is correct to look after oily skin?

1. Clarification. The correct leaving begins with the simplest. Gel, milk, skin will be suitable for washing in the morning and in the evening. It is possible that this means had absorbing properties. Removal of skin fat will help to avoid the clogged-up pores in time. Water should not be hotter. Will approach cold or slightly warm. Hot water is contraindicated to oily skin as sebaceous glands will excrete more fat.

2. Peeling. The separate step is peelings and srubs. At oily skin reinforced layer of the keratosic epithelium. Srubs and peeling will help with it. It is enough to put of them not more often than two times a week in the summer not to do harm to the sunbathed skin. The srub will improve complexion and will remove dead skin cells. However you should not use them at inflammations as the peeling parts will damage them and will carry infection.

3. Toning. Tonic is obligatory step in clarification. It will remove the remains of the cleaning funds from the person and will close time. Tonic should not contain alcohol in structure. It is desirable that it was one firm with the cleaning means. It is worth applying thermal water or the moisturizing and refreshing sprays in the afternoon.

4. Moistening. Even not to do without cream in the summer. During heat it have to be light textures. When choosing cream it is worth paying attention to seboreguliruyushchy means. It is desirable that cream protected from ultraviolet rays. It is necessary to use such cream for half an hour to exit to the street.

5. Masks. The correct leaving has to include masks. It is worth using mask from clay. It will remove greasy luster, dead cages and will improve complexion. Various masks with salicylic acid will help to cope with enlarged pores.

As for decorative cosmetics, its use during heat has to be minimized. However if nevertheless to use foundation and powder, they have to be matting and resistant. Experts nevertheless do not recommend to use in the summer powder and foundation because they can hammer time. Cosmetics with cream texture unambiguously will not be suitable for oily skin. It is not necessary to load skin during heat.

Among day it is possible to use the matting napkins. They will save skin from excessive gloss. It is possible to wipe skin with lotion which will moisturize the skin. Also in the summer cosmetic ice will help. It can be prepared from infusion of herbs or mineral water. Such cubes of ice recommend to wipe face every day.

Error of many is the lack of moistening in the summer. Skin is dehydrated, and skin fat begins to be emitted in even large numbers. Also you should not be long in the sun. It has negative effect on skin. Spicy food also strengthen release of fat. The use of enough water and the correct diet will help with care for oily skin of the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team