Care for oily skin of the person – rules, councils, recommendations

Care for oily skin of the person – rules, councils, recommendations

Oily skin of the person demands special care and competent care in house conditions. Here it is important to observe recommendations and councils of cosmetologists, it is correct to select cosmetics. The regularity of the looking after procedures against the background of integrated approach to the solution of problems of oily skin is of great importance.

It is possible to call oily skin safely problem. It gives itself the increased producing grease secret, enlarged pores, comedones and is frequent inflammations. 

To the owners it delivers great deal of trouble, especially in the flying; becomes the reason of esthetic discomfort: earthy color shines and gives to the face. In general looks untidy.

It is not difficult to put it in perfect order if to follow rules of leaving, and competently to select cosmetics.

What harms oily skin

  • soap which displaces epidermis pH in the alkaline party, reducing its protective properties.

Skin becomes vulnerable for external factors of the environment, cannot reflect the attacks of bacteria and microbes – causative agents of acne;

  • alcohol which is part of many lotions and tonics.

Aggressively influencing skin, it dehydrates it that provokes excess allocation of new portions of skin fat. The circle, as they say, has become isolated;

  • the hot water causing permanent expansion of blood vessels (couperosis), reducing the elasticity and elasticity of skin starting process of presenilation of cages. 

It is possible to wash only warm or slightly cool water.

To apply steam baths with care, and it is better to exclude them at all. Steam harms capillaries, increases sensitivity of skin.To open time and to soften epidermis, for example before session of gommage or massage in house conditions, the special steaming-out gels which create thermal effect will allow, but at the same time do not heat integument.  

What has to be cosmetics

The looking after cosmetics has to provide to skin:

  • decrease in fat content without peresushivaniye;
  • normalization of keratinization;
  • suppression of growth of bacteria;
  • increase in immunity.

Face make-up is subdivided into products of mass segment, pharmaceutical and professional.Cosmetics which is sold in places of free sale is characterized by the low content of active agents. She is not capable to save from serious defects (acnes, couperosis, pigmental spots), but is quite suitable for maintenance of skin in more or less stable state.

And here pharmaceutical and professional tools differ in high concentration of the operating components getting into key part of the problem. The visible effect of their application will not keep itself waiting.In care for oily skin of the person the regular exfoliation (1-2 times a week), that is peeling is of great importance  (in the absence of contraindications).

Through this procedure not only the died-off horn scales are removed, but also output channels of sebaceous glands are cleaned.

The main set for effective leaving 

  • soft means for washing – gel, skin or mousse;
  • antibacterial, porostyagivayushchy tonic / lotion (without alcohol);
  • seboreguliruyushchy cream and/or mask.Additional resources are provided:
  • the applicator for pointed drawing on the inflamed sites;
  • the moisturizing and sunblock cream;
  • wet towel wipes for wiping of the person during the day;
  • the easy matting emulsion.

Important: decorative cosmetics is removed before washing – micellar water or milk.

The most useful components for oily skin in cosmetics

  • sulfur, copper, zinc;
  • vitamin A and retinoids, group B vitamins;
  • essential oils – eucalyptus, tea tree;
  • acids – milk, lemon, glycolic, almond, azelaic;
  • plant extracts – St. John's wort, celandine, nettle, calendula, birch kidneys, green tea.

Also hydroarmour – camomile, sagy, rosemary, balm has salutary effect.

Also the lavender hydrolat – natural antiseptic agent is famous for the qualities.Lavender flower water refreshes, humidifies and regenerates, promotes fast healing of scratches and wounds, eliminates reddenings and peelings.

Basic care in house conditions

In the morning and in the evening – the cleaning procedures.

Then – skin tonization (means does not need to be washed away). 

Best of all – to spray tonic/hydrolat from bottle and to drive in with easy pats by fingertips before full absorption. 

The traditional option is to moisten plentifully cotton pad and to wipe face on massage lines.The final stage – putting suitable cream or fluid, in the afternoon as necessary – sanskrina upper layer.

Additional recommendations

Face skin of fat type demands the delicate relation.

 Long stay to the sun, rough grindings by towel and bast, aggressive scrubbing, creams of dense consistence harms it.

To support skin in tone and to improve complexion periodic inclusion in the basic program of leaving of serums and, of course, masks on the basis of white or green clay will help (1-2 times in 7 days).It is necessary to reconsider food allowance also: to limit consumption of sweet and flour products, marinated and smoked dishes.

Light meat, low-fat fish, dairy drinks (curdled milk, ayran, fermented baked milk), natural juice, herbal teas, vegetables, fruit and berries – it not only is tasty, but also it is very useful as for skin, and organism in general!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team