Care for skin of breast and neck

Care for skin of breast and neck

What leaving is necessary to skin of breast and neck that it did not lose elasticity and there were no extensions?

Skin of breast and neck very thin in comparison with other parts of the body is also almost deprived of the fatty tissue maintaining its elasticity. Therefore she tends to presenilation: to emergence of extensions, obvisaniye. At young girls of extension most often happen against the background of sharp weight loss: skin does not manage to be reduced after reduction of volumes. Therefore if you keep to diets, choose slow ways to lose weight.

Obvisaniya the breast of the impressive sizes is subject. The easiest way to prevent it - to wear bra. The opinion that it relaxes breast muscles, and its absence, on the contrary, supports them in tone, only the myth.

If you the fan of sunbed, risk to get wrinkles in decollete zone ahead of time. Ultraviolet dehydrates skin: does it dry and flabby. Before suntan you apply the moisturizing cream-prolongator from breast to neck.

That over the years the bust did not lose the attractiveness, it is important to look after it regularly. Blot decollete zone with the terry towel moistened in cold water in the morning. Apply with finger-tips dry face skin cream or special means for decollete in the direction from clavicles to chin, but not on the contrary - it stretches skin and causes its obvisaniye. Blot residues of cream with cosmetic tissue. In the evening after putting cream it is useful to make light massage, patting on skin palms of 5 minutes. It is very useful to do once a week wrappings: apply with thick layer nutritious cream on breast and neck and put from above warm damp towel for half an hour. Contrast wrappings are useful to the withering skin. Apply 2 minutes more hotly the towel impregnated with solution with sea salt (on 1 liter of water - 1 St salt spoon), and after it for 5 minutes cold. If skin of breast is inclined to irritation (often reddens, on it rashes periodically appear), moisten towel not in usual water, and in infusion of camomile, sage, mint and lime color. Such grass cocktail will calm your skin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team