Chemical hairdressing – step to perfection

Chemical hairdressing – step to perfection

Hair are considered as the best decoration of girls. And what only is done with them women to be finer and irresistible. The wound hair do image more romantic. That they kept the form long time, it is necessary to use chemical wave.

Thanks to such way, hair remain wound 4-6 months — everything depends on specific features of their owner. In what secret? In the chemical composition which is applied on head of hear. Upon termination of the procedure it is processed by fixer which allows curls to keep the form several months.

The chemical wave is divided into several types. Everything depends on what structure the master processes hair. The hairdresser has to consider their type, length, color, thickness and it is a lot of other factors. There was now set of new versions (biowave, carving) which strongly do not spoil hair, however old structures do not give in too and continue to be used in many salons.

Acid wave

The most popular among waves — acid. Thanks to it curls are capable to keep the form about half a year. Owners of the decoloured and fair hair cannot use in such a way at all. Otherwise acid will do them irreparable harm. Such method is contraindicated to those who have sensitive head skin. This way perfectly suits those women who have thick dark hair.

Alkaline wave

The alkaline wave allows curls to be elastic within three months. They look very beautifully and romantically. Such way not strongly harms hair, softly influencing them. Owners of hard straight hair do not suit alkaline wave — curls will hold on only a month.

Neutral wave

Neutral wave – for owners of fine hair who do not suit acid and alkaline option. The medicines applied at such way contain allantoin having the softening properties in the structure. Curls turn out very beautiful and elastic, and such wave keeps from two to four months. Term depends, as well as in other cases, from specific features of head of hear.

Amino-acid wave

The most harmless wave — amino-acid. In its structure — substances which feed and protect hair from adverse influence of chemical medicines. Such curls turn out weightless, look very naturally. The amino-acid wave keeps not for long and does not suit owners of thick long hair. But it very shchadyashche influences head of hear. Hair after the procedure even through long time do not become brittle and dry.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team