Clarification of hair cinnamon

Clarification of hair cinnamon

Cinnamon – popular spice which has found wide circulation not only in cookery, but also cosmetology. The generous mother nature has presented to modern beauties remarkable opportunity to use it for clarification of hair. Besides, cinnamon is capable to add to curls healthy gloss and beauty.

The tradition of clarification of hair cinnamon originates deeply in antiquity. In antique times the Roman matrons aimed in any ways to give to curls light shade and to become irresistible blondes. However you should not forget that clarification by natural means demands patience. For achievement of visible effect several procedures can be required. The exact quantity directly depends on state and structure of your hair. Besides, cinnamon will not be able to turn in a magic way you into the blond beauty – clarification happens on only 2-3 tones.

So, to prepare miracle structure, mix in ceramic or glass capacity ½ glasses of any ready balm or mask for hair from 2-3 tablespoons of ground cinnamon. Further means needs to be applied evenly on curls, to collect them on the top and to cover the head with plastic bag. For achievement of the best effect you can wrap up it with warm scarf or terry towel. When there pass 30-40 minutes, remove heater and polyethylene, and you hold mask 3-4 more hours. After carefully wash out hair stream of warm flowing water. For giving of attractive gloss to them you can rinse with slightly acidified water. Dry up hair in the natural way. After such procedure the curls will become not only are lighter, but also will gain amazing smoothness, silkiness and poslushnost.

There is one more recipe for mix. Since ancient times it is known that natural honey has the good clarifying properties. When drawing it begins to emit weak acid which on the action is similar to hydrogen peroxide for moist hair. Stir honey with cinnamon powder – components need to be taken in proportions 1:1. To give to weight the necessary consistence, slightly dilute it with warm boiled water. Evenly distribute the received structure for clarification on hair, put on polyethylene hat and wrap up the head with shawl or scarf. It is necessary to hold "paint" within 1.5-2 hours. Then hair wash with warm water.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team