Clarification of the person: saloon procedures, house methods

Clarification of the person: saloon procedures, house methods

Irrespective of type and condition of your skin care for it has to be carried out on regular daily basis. Modern cosmetology procedures and methods of home care equally effectively cope with objective, giving to skin vigorous and fresh look.

When holding procedures it is necessary to observe hygiene and care, otherwise the cosmetology problem can turn into skin infectious diseases, especially it concerns the procedures performed in house conditions without control of experts.

  • Manual cleaning. The procedure is shown to owners problem, inclined to rashes, skin. It is run only hands, without use of special tools. At the beginning of the procedure it is necessary to steam out face, and on the termination it is necessary to impose mask for narrowing of time which is also intended for alignment of color and removal of irritation. Small temporary reddenings on the surface of skin directly right after the procedure are considered as norm.
  • About use of tools. The procedure with use of special tools allows to purge skin at deeper level. Such problems as the enlarged hammered pores, cosmetic defects and fat traffic jams are solved. The procedure demands several sessions, a little painful, insignificant peelings and itch are possible. After carrying out cleaning surely impose mask for narrowing of time and prevention of inflammatory processes.
  • Type of mechanical cleaning of skin with use of creamy mixes. It is possible to combine with other cleaning procedures. Special soft nozzles of various diameters, rotating with certain speed, remove devitalized layer of epidermis, raid and pollution from skin.
  • Cleaning by means of the vacuum device. The principle of method consists in "exhaustion" of dirt from time by means of vacuum which peels off the died-off epidermis, at the same time stimulating more deep skin layers. Along with cleaning there is also massage improving blood-groove and giving tonic effect. Result from the procedure quite noticeable: rash and comedones disappears, pores are narrowed.
  • Cleaning by the ultrasonic device. The most delicate of all types of cleaning. By means of ultrasound the keratosic layer of epidermis without any risk is removed to injure skin. The uniqueness of method is in what suits people of all age categories with different types of skin. The only contraindications – pregnancy and some infectious skin diseases.
  • Use of chemical medicines. Means which part fruit acids which softly purify skin are are used, deleting its devitalized parts and starting regeneration process. Skin it is updated, becomes noticeable freshened up and gets healthy shade.
  • Clarification by means of egg yolk. With 10 grams of grapefruit or lemon juice to mix one yolk. To moisten cotton tampon in water, to dunk into mix and fast vigorous movements to clean face, without allowing absorption in skin. After the procedure to wash away cool water and to apply the moisturizing cream.
  • Clarification by means of acid milk. To wipe face with the cotton pad moistened in acid milk before full removal of dirt and dust. To wash cool water and to apply the moisturizing cream.
  • Clarification by oil. To warm up 50 grams of vegetable oil within minute on couple, to moisten cotton pad in warm oil and to wipe face. For removal of residues of oil it is possible to use lotion or tea.

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