Coconut oil. Application in cosmetology

Coconut oil. Application in cosmetology

the time of Cleopatra coconut oil was applied to personal care. Pulp of coco keeps purity and freshness of skin and also humidifies it. Coconut oil is applied not only to skin, but also to hair. And that the effect has been noticeable practically at once, it is worth learning about the best recipes of masks from this oil.

Coconut hair oil

Before application it is necessary to warm up oil. It can be done or on water bath, or having just put small bottle with oil on the battery. The refined coconut oil can be applied both on all length of hair, and on roots. Not refined it is possible to distribute only on length of hair. At hit on roots, it can cause irritation.

The warmed-up oil has quite liquid consistence and therefore it is very easily distributed on all length of hair. Then hair should be twirled film and to leave minimum for 90 min.

If the purpose of drawing mask — giving of gloss to hair, then it is possible to add 1-2 drops of essential oil of rose to oil or rosemary.

For acceleration of growth of hair it is possible to use mask with addition of banana and sour cream. For this purpose it is necessary to crush half of banana to condition of gruel, to add 2 tablespoons of coconut oil and 1 spoon of sour cream. Everything carefully to mix and apply on all length of hair. It is necessary to put with the massing movements, without forgetting about roots of hair. Then hair are wound with film and warmed by towel. Musk needs to hold 30 min.

If oily hair, then the mask with sea salt helps to correct this trouble. It is necessary to mix 2 tablespoons of oil and pinch of salt. To warm up this mix on water bath before full dissolution of salt. Then to apply on all length of hair, to roll up film and to warm. It is necessary to hold this mask no more than an hour.

Problem of coconut oil when drawing on head skin that it is very badly washed away. To facilitate the procedure of remover, before washing it is necessary to rinse the head with cool water with addition of 1 tablespoon of vinegar on 1 liter. And then already hair are washed away by usual shampoo.

Coconut face oil

Oil coconut is applied to the person in case skin dry, with irritation or sensitive. It is possible just to put oil on face and to take 15 min. And it is possible to make mix of useful products.

If skin sensitive, then useful is mask with addition of small piece of the bread from wheat which is previously soaked in milk.

For moistening of skin the mask from mix of coconut oil from 1 teaspoon of blue clay and 3 drops of orange oil will help. Mix needs to be mixed and applied to previously cleaned skin carefully.

If there was desire to purify skin, then the srub on the basis of coconut oil well will approach. For this purpose it is necessary to mix coffee thick with teaspoon of coconut oil. For density of mask it is possible to add some sour cream. The mask is put as srub, the massing movements. And then it is left for 10 min.

Masks on coconut oil are washed away by warm water without addition of any means.

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