Coffee srub in fight for beautiful skin: method of application

Coffee srub in fight for beautiful skin: method of application

Srub from ground natural coffee - excellent inexpensive product for finding of equal and beautiful skin. Coffee parts carefully peel the died-off cages, and the oil which is contained in them feeds and smoothes. The srub can be used for processing of the face and body. That it was especially effective, add shower gel, vegetable oil or sour cream to coffee.

How to prepare coffee srub

For preparation of coffee body scrub it is possible to use not made ground coffee. It well peels skin, without irritating it. For oily skin use coffee without additives, for dry mix it with almond oil or yogurt. Such structure not only will clean body from the died-off cages, but also will promote its food.

To prepare face scrub, use thick from the made coffee. This product works more softly. The coffee thick can be mixed with cream or face milk, such structure will replace the cleaning mask.

For express skin exfoliation of the face and body it is possible to prepare house soap srub. Warm up ready soap base, add ground coffee and several drops of orange or mint oil to mix. It is possible to pour into mix powder cocoa or oat flakes - means will become even more saturated. Pour soap mix on the molds sprinkled by alcohol and then let's it stiffen. You store soap srub in linen sack or paper wrapper.

Nuances of use

Before processing of body take warm shower - it will open time and will make skin more susceptible. Then apply with circular motions on body srub from coffee with yogurt or oil. Begin with foot, gradually moving to neck. Especially diligently process the coarsened sites - elbows, knees, heels. Leave srub on skin for couple of minutes, and then wash away it warm water. After such procedure, body cream is not necessary, skin remains soft and humidified. Process leather, fat, inclined to inflammations, differently. At first apply on it shower gel. Choose means with the aroma which is well in harmony with coffee. Chocolate, vanilla, milk or coconut gel will approach. Then take small portion of ground coffee and apply to skin over gel. Intensively pound body hands, special attention to problem zones. The coffee srub perfectly struggles with cellulitis. Rinse body with warm water, carefully washing away coffee grains. Finish the procedure the invigorating cool shower. Such processing not only smoothes and refreshes skin, but also prevents emergence of inflammations. Before cleaning face, it is possible to make warm compress or steam bathtub. Apply coffee srub to skin and gently massage skin fingers, avoiding eye area and lips. Then wash away coffee warm water. After the procedure it is possible to impose nutritious or moisturizing mask, it will work especially effectively.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team