Color lenses: how to choose and look after them

Color lenses: how to choose and look after them

Recently contact lenses gain the increasing popularity. There is no wonder, as points do not give such accurate picture which can be seen in lenses. Many girls prefer to classical lenses color. With their help it is possible to give other color to eyes and to emphasize the identity.

Color contact lenses have purely decorative character. Not only people with poor eyesight can carry them, but also those who want to change color of eyes for a while. There is opinion that color lenses are harmful to eyes, but it not so. On the contrary, thanks to components of dyes which give color the lenses interfere with hit of ultraviolet rays on eye cornea. But unlike classical lenses, they pass oxygen worse therefore it is possible to carry them not longer than 8 hours a day.

Kind of decorative lenses

Now there are 3 types of color lenses differing from each other in brightness and color effect:

  1. Coloring lenses - such look does not change color of eyes but only gives brightness to natural shade. For example, light-brown eyes can be made dark brown, lenses are almost colourless;
  2. Color lenses - this type of lenses changes color of eyes, for example, from gray on green, at such lenses color saturated;
  3. Carnival lenses - thanks to drawings on surfaces, such lenses create various effects (cat's look, hearts instead of pupils and so on).

Councils when choosing lenses

Choose color lenses taking into account the saturation of natural color. For example, if by nature eyes brown, hardly it to turn out to make them bright blue by means of lenses. Eyes have to look naturally. For brown eyes it is possible to pick up lenses of lighter shade. Practically all shades of color lenses are suitable for blue, gray and green eyes.

Before purchase of decorative lenses consult with the ophthalmologist. He will help with the choice of manufacturing firm and will make necessary recommendations about care for eyes and lenses. If in eyes there are unpleasant feelings or burnings, it is necessary to stop carrying lenses or to buy new other firm.

How to look after color lenses

It is necessary to look after coloring lenses just as classical. Every time after you remove lenses, them it is necessary to wash out and put away in the container filled with special solution. Most often, the same solution is suitable both for washing, and for storage of lenses.

For washing of color and carnival lenses use the solution intended for these types of lenses. It is possible to store them in usual solution.

All means on the course can be bought in the same place where also contact lenses, or in drugstores. Remember that solutions for storage can cause irritation of eyes too. Reddenings, lachrymation and burning can demonstrate that the chosen solution does not approach, it is necessary to stop its use.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team