Color palette for hair: paint the life

Color palette for hair: paint the life

The color palette of hair-dyes is so diverse that it is sometimes difficult to pick up the shade which is ideal for the person. However there are simple rules, conforming to which, it is possible to find the hair-dye capable to completely change your appearance.

The harmonious and attractive image consists of many details among which leading role belongs to healthy and well-groomed hair. This truth is familiar to much: not casually main care of girls and women is selection of fashionable hairstyle and suitable hair color.

In search of the color …

It is necessary to remember that the chosen shade has to match color of skin and eye. To girls and women with light skin and eyes there are any of tone from warm or cold palette, except for casting gold, otherwise face can be lost in frame of hair.

Hair will seem more dense and healthy if to give them shade of vorony wing, dark chocolate or coffee. Such color suits those who have swarty skin and any color of eyes and also that who loves bright make-up. And, on the contrary, it will not be combined with the person on whom cosmetics minimum because its lines fade in comparison with hair. If skin is inclined to rashes, then it is necessary to avoid copper and red shades as they focus attention on all cosmetic face defects.

Fashion trends in coloring

Today the most relevant remain brondirovaniye – the professional coloring which is carried out by highlighting and kolorirovaniye with respect for brond technology (from the words brown and blond – brown and white). By this method it is possible to reach natural modulation of shades on hair therefore assumes use of the tones of paint close to natural. Various options of brondirovaniye allow to visualize effect of the burned-out hair, or some locks, patches of light, to make color transition from the ends of hair to their roots, to play with modulations of shades. Kolorirovaniye Ombre Color Hair is considered type of zone brondirovaniye. Especially coloring draws with two natural tones close to each other at which hair at roots and on the ends slightly differ in color attention. Not less fashionably and the brondirovany the grown roots when part of hair has dark color at roots and are much lighter in comparison with it - at the ends. Also monophonic coloring is fashionable, and are welcomed natural tone. If it is paint blond, then it has to be copper, gold or caramel shades. For short hair the coloring in ashy color is admissible. Black color is fashionable if it casts steel. Shades of ruby color and natural red are acceptable colors for geometrical hairstyles on hair of any length. From brown scale colors of chestnut, chocolate and dark red tree remained favourites.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team