Color service jacket – revolution in the equipment of manicure

Color service jacket – revolution in the equipment of manicure

Initially French manicure was created with the purpose to emphasize natural beauty of nails. White "smile" and pastel color is classics of service jacket which approaches under any dress. Recently fashionistas have proved that the service jacket can be not only white, but also color. Also it looks very beautifully and stylish.

The color service jacket is some kind of revolution in manicure. Once classical design became bright, courageous and original. It distinguishes the girl from crowd, draws attention and refreshes image.

Options of color service jacket

The color service jacket can look absolutely differently, depending on imagination and desires of his owner. It can have glossy or opaque covering, contain impurity of shimmer or to be uniform.

The nail plate covered with beige, cream or light pink varnish and bright tip of nail in the form of smile is the option which is brought closer to classics. Courageous girls are able to afford the combined service jacket combining several multi-colored "smiles" imposed at each other in the form of rainbow. One more original option – nail plate of one color, and tip and bed – another. It is set of the French and lunar manicure.

Neon shades, popular in summer season, can be introduced safely in manicure. Cover nails with neutral corporal varnish, and for "smile" you will choose neon lime, pink or coral tone. Such manicure can be absolutely independent, under it it is optional to put on things of the shouting flowers. Fans of quieter shades can make pastel color service jacket. In this case manicure will remain stylish and original, but at the same time will be reserved. It is possible to make nails multi-colored. Main rule: they have to be combined harmoniously among themselves. The color service jacket is appropriate also at wedding. Especially, if the celebration takes place in some certain color scale. Cover nails with neutral corporal shade, and make "smile" in tone of the main concept.

How to make color service jacket independently

The equipment of color service jacket a little in what differs from classical French manicure. The only, its performance demands the increased concentration, to correct bright defects much more difficult. Apply transparent basic covering on nails and let's it dry. If you are not professional, use special strips for the French manicure. With their help cover tips of nails with color varnish. Wait several minutes and accurately unstick strips. Further apply light varnish on all nail plate. Such sequence will make bright color quieter, and border of smoother. However if desired you can trade two last steps places. After drying of all varnish coats cover nails with fixer. It will help to prolong life to your manicure and will add it glossy gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team