Coloring and hairstyle of hair during pregnancy

Coloring and hairstyle of hair during pregnancy

There is number of superstitions and stereotypes about hair care during pregnancy. Therefore sometimes women look quite neukhozhenno at this stage of the life.

It is considered that the woman in situation cannot change shade or hair color. There is opinion that hair-dye can make negative toxic impact on the child. Supporters of this theory say that paint, getting through skin into blood, reaches also the child. In this theory there is truth grain, but in the similar way to blood scornfully small amount of toxic substances which cannot just make impact on the child gets. But here breathe vapors of ammoniac paints it can be really harmful. So it is better to use paints without ammonia which there is a lot of among professional tools. So it makes sense to reach the checked beauty shop.

Sometimes hair-dyeing during pregnancy results in unobvious results. It is connected with changes in female body. It is better to test paint on separate lock.

If you want to minimize harm, and hair demand leaving or painting, try to use natural dyes. The effect will be not such obvious as at use of chemical paints, but natural dyes will not do any harm, besides, will make hair more dense at regular application. As natural dyes the basma, henna, camomile or peel of onions usually act. Coloring by such dyes will do good. However, serious change of color will be provided only by basma and henna, and the others will only change shade of your hair.

During pregnancy precisely you should not use the decolouring means, they can make heavy negative impact on fruit.

There is popular superstition that the hairstyle of hair during pregnancy can lead to the death of the child. The superstition has arisen in extreme antiquity, then all women and girls had long hair, in them as all spiritual power which supports both women, and their children was considered, contained. Loss of hair was perceived by the present tragedy and shame. At that time women straightened the hair seldom and only according to lunar cycle. The superstition has no real background so it is possible to watch and look after himself at any stage of pregnancy and it is necessary. Successful hairstyle or laying will bring lot of positive emotions which are so necessary to pregnant women. It is very important to elect the good master, otherwise instead of positive charge it is possible to get unpleasant experience.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team