Coloring of eyelashes in salon is how harmful

Coloring of eyelashes in salon is how harmful

The procedure of professional coloring of eyelashes in salon does glance very speaking. Eyelashes at the same time look as if they are made up by ink.

The procedure of coloring of eyelashes in salon

Often the girls and women having fair, light brown or red hair resort to coloring of eyelashes. The procedure of coloring does not represent special complexity. In salon the master selects shade of dye which approaches the person. The shade surely has to be in harmony with color of skin and hair. Now producers offer rather wide range of shades: from black and graphite to brown and gray. The used paint is developed especially for eyelashes. Consider that hair-dyes it is impossible to paint eyelashes.

Painting of eyelashes is delicate and laborious work. The procedure is painless absolutely. The professional master carries out it in 10-15 minutes. Under eyes the expert puts cotton pads or hypoallergenic adhesive plaster that paint has not got on gentle skin. After that the master applies means with thick layer on eyelashes. Eyes at the same time are completely closed. It is impossible to open them during the procedure as paint can get on mucous and it is strong burn. Through certain time paint is washed away, and eyelashes become brighter, more dense and longer. Before putting paint it is necessary to protect skin. For this purpose, as a rule, fat children's cream, vaseline is used.

After painting of eyelashes professional paint you will never have such problems as the begun to flow ink or the smeared eyeliner. With the painted eyelashes you should not spend every day extra time on make-up. The painted eyelashes are relevant not only during the holiday and on the beach, but also in everyday life. The procedure of professional coloring can be rescue in situation when eyelashes strongly burn out, turn gray and thin because of age. Paint keeps on eyelashes 2-3 weeks, and later begins to grow dull. Then the procedure of coloring needs to be repeated. The recommended frequency of coloring: once a month.

Test for allergy

Such negative consequences of coloring as allergic reaction or loss of eyelashes are strictly individual. Therefore before coloring always you carry out the test for sensitivity of skin. Apply a little paint behind ear, and in 15 minutes wash away. Now day needs to be waited: for this period the allergic reaction can appear. It will be shown in reddening, burning or peeling. If such reaction is not observed, so you can safely paint eyelashes this paint. In order that the procedure of coloring was safe and did not do harm to eyelashes, it is necessary to use hypoallergenic paint. Dyes of new generation will not constrain hazardous substances. Often in salon over usual paint protective cream which provides firmness of color is applied. Masters recommend to look after carefully eyelashes after coloring. First, it is necessary to use accurately cleaning means for eyes. Tonics, skins, lotions and masks concern them. Secondly, for strengthening of eyelashes it is necessary to mass them with warm oil (olive, castoric). It is useful to add vitamins A to oil, E, F, D. Apply oil drop on finger and moisten with it tips of eyelashes. Then comb them soft brush from the basis and to top. It is desirable to massage the basis of eyelashes a little.

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