Coloring of hair during pregnancy

Coloring of hair during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the important stage in the woman's life lasting nine months. At this time women want to remain same beautiful as earlier. Therefore many of them ask question how to keep the beauty, without having done harm to health of the kid. Especially important is this question when it comes to hair-dye.


  1. Harm of coloring of hair during pregnancy is not called in question. Resistant paints consist of the chemicals capable even to cause allergic reactions in absolutely healthy woman or to do much harm to her health. Besides, even natural vegetable dyes – henna or basma – can yield absolutely unexpected result during this period. All this happens because of the hormonal reorganizations happening in female body during pregnancy and leads to the fact that color turns out not what was supposed, and paint on hair does not keep.
  2. Moreover, by modern scientists it is proved that the pigment which is part of paints for dark hair gets into organism through head skin and, collecting in it, can promote cancer diseases. However if coloring of hair after all is necessary, it is necessary to follow some rules.
  3. Some days before coloring it is necessary to make the test for check for allergic reaction from paint. For this purpose its small amount is applied on inside of elbow bend or on skin behind ear. Even more than once the checked paint during pregnancy can cause the most unpredictable reaction.
  4. Coloring of hair has to happen in the spacious well aired room. It will help painty smell to disappear quicker, and the arriving fresh air will prevent appearance of toxicosis.
  5. During incubation of the child it is possible to choose safer way of hair-dyeing. The current variety of options allows to choose that option which suits you. For example, it is possible to paint hair locks by means of highlighting, kolorirovaniye, the Californian coloring and many other options. Coloring of hair locks is considered more sparing since it does not affect roots of hair, so, paint does not get to mother's organism by means of head skin. And hair, as we know, are not capable to carry out useful or hazardous substances to organism.
  6. Safer coloring of hair by means of coloring balms and shampoos is considered at this time. They do not differ in firmness, but also do not do big harm to the woman's organism. All this thanks to the fact that the components which are their part, are not capable to be absorbed deep into hair they are quickly washed away, and except chemical hazardous substances, coloring means contain also the useful additives and oils revitalizing hair.
  7. In case the natural hair color is close to desirable color of head of hear, then it is possible to use national secrets of coloring of hair. Broths of herbs which give to curls pleasant shade can help with it. They are absolutely harmless, moreover, the useful substances which are contained in them, well affect condition of hair. Especially as their application will not bring upon you special trouble. It is necessary to make several spoons of grass or bark boiled water, to draw and rinse with the received broth hair after washing.

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