Coloring of hair in blond – that needs to be known

Coloring of hair in blond – that needs to be known

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What girl did not dream of golden bush of hair? In spite of the fact that the word "blonde" was fixed as the adjective characterizing the woman not of the most high intelligence, the number of the women having such hair color long ago and strongly does not decrease. If you have decided to adjoin fair-haired beauties, for desirable result it is necessary to take several councils into account.

Before choosing shade of new color it is worth thinking whether it approaches your skin. Completely both swarty girls, and very light are not recommended to bleach hair. In the first case the contrast will look ridiculously, and in the second white girls risk to look very faintly.

The type of painting is influenced also by type of hair. If you are owner of direct curls, then are able to afford everything: both easy melirivaniye, and monochrome coloring. And here curly curls will suit only highlighting of separate locks different shades of blond.

If your hair color differs from the desirable more than on 10 tones, then reconcile that the platinum blonde not to become you. Otherwise it is necessary to influence hair strong chemicals therefore your head of hear considerably will lose in quality, and you, most likely, will not reach desirable color.

Be ready to what time for hair care at you will leave much more. The hair painted in blond will turn yellow over time and to slow down this process, you should use numerous masks, the pigmenting substances. Also it is necessary to reduce stay time for the sun and visit of the pool. Such factors can give to your hair even marsh color.

Do not forget that when changing hair color on the head, it is necessary to paint also eyebrows that they were in harmony with your new image. But you should not agree to their full decolorization, it will be almost impossible to restore them.

So, you became blonde. Now it will oblige you to certain make-up.

Before considerably changing the color and to become the blonde, well think. First, to achieve beautiful color not so easily, and, secondly, after coloring the regular strengthened leaving is required. If you are not afraid to change, are not afraid of difficulties, then act.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team