Coloring of hair of the house step by step

Coloring of hair of the house step by step

To replace the image and to refresh hair color, it is not obligatory to overpay for hairdresser's services in beauty shops. Coloring of hair can quite be spent at home – to know all stages of this process enough, at the same time the quality will be same, as in salon.

That color on hair kept long, and at the same time paint has not too damaged structure of hair, it is important correct to prepare them. It is necessary to wash up the head one day before coloring - it is the optimum term that skin has excreted protective fat, but the head did not become too dirty yet. It is not necessary to use conditioners and hair balms, or it is necessary to wash away very carefully them hot water – otherwise they form protective film, and paint will not be able to get in hair.

It is possible to pick up color for hair by means of special tables and palettes. It is the best of all to choose shade only on 1-3 tones different from natural color. If strong clarification is required, coloring in several stages is necessary: at first plain clarifier, then resistant paint of suitable shade.

Accurately it is necessary to treat also sharp blackout of hair. The decoloured hair can be painted very unevenly and is unpredictable. For example, the shade "eggplant" is capable to give to hair unnatural violet shade, and "бургунд" - poisonous-pink, and it will be extremely difficult to get rid of them.

Help to get rid of yellowness when coloring in light gray hair shampoos of tone.

Besides color when choosing paint it is necessary to consider her firmness. Temporary paints and tonics keep brightness only 1-2 weeks, through 6-12 washings off from them there is no trace left also. Cream-paint of average stability remains on hair till 20-26 of washings off by means of shampoo. Saloon professional paints keep most longer, even in 2 months color remains bright and juicy (but roots all the same will grow, certainly). To avoid unnecessary risks, it is necessary to begin coloring with trial lock. It is better to choose imperceptible lock behind ear, to apply a little paint on tip, to sustain 15 minutes and to wash away. If the result positive – to start coloring of all head. To protect clothes from paint, the unnecessary towel or sheet is required, it is one floor better to lay newspapers. Skin around the line of growth of hair needs to be smeared with any fat cream, vaseline, lip balm or the conditioner. Hands should be protected gloves. Further it is necessary to mix paint according to the instruction. If there is no special tube, it can be poured out in plastic or ceramic deep capacity. Developer always mixes up with dye, most often they are already prepared in the necessary proportions. If is not present – it is necessary to pick up developer independently. For dark shades 10% need developer, for coloring on 2-3 tones – 20% developer, for strong clarification – 30%. It is better to leave stronger oxidizers for professionals, with them it is possible to burn hair easily. It is necessary accurately, but quickly to apply carefully mixed mix on hair. Usual hairbrush it is necessary to separate lock behind lock and brush to smear paint. If hair have been painted earlier, it is necessary to begin with the grown roots. When paint is applied on roots – to postpone the remains to tips of hair and to make foam, as when washing by shampoo.

Instead of balm for fixing of color it is possible to use the water acidified by apple cider vinegar.

It is important to sustain time recommended by the producer correctly. Small tingling is admissible, but burning and itch have to cause concern, most likely, this manifestation of allergy – better to wash away paint at once. After time designated by the producer it is necessary to wash well hair with warm water until it becomes transparent. It is good if complete with paint there is conditioner setting result. After coloring it is not recommended to wash the head during at least two days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team