Coloring of hair: what needs to be known?

Coloring of hair: what needs to be known?

Most of women, buying hair-dye, are convinced that they will receive color same, as at model on packing. However, unfortunately, there is everything absolutely not so. Hair-dye – the strongest chemical means, it not just covers hair outside, and destroys natural pigment and replaces it new. The natural shade of hair at each woman is strictly individual, and the end result of painting can be the most unexpected.

Basic rules of painting of hair

  1. If financial opportunities allow, then will better address the professional.
  2. It is necessary to pass to new color of hair gradually. Many women are mistaken, stopping the choice on cardinally dark or light tones. It is the best of all to change hair color step by step. For example, wishing to achieve dark shade, it is the best of all to begin with light chestnut tones.
  3. It is necessary to remain within own color scale. There are three main scales: blond, chestnut and black within which allocate three shades - dark, average and light. Deciding on shade of hair-dye, that which is closest to the native shade is the best of all to choose.


  1. will not compare samples on the back of packing to natural hair color (as pigments of paint react with natural pigments of hair).
  2. To dye hair only where it is necessary (for example, the roots which only have grown).

So, if the painting purpose gold curls, it is necessary to choose ashy tone. And here warm it is better to avoid as they can give to hair undesirable yellowness.

Persons interested to be owners of fiery color need to consider the fact that red and red shades most quicker than the others become colourless therefore it is important to maintain intensity of color, using special shampoo and the conditioner.

For those who want to get burningly - black shade of hair it must be kept in mind that such color decorates only very young girls, ladies aged it does by the form is even more senior.

Experts in the field of coloring of hair advise today to avoid radical changes of natural color and to remain within two tones in any given party from the natural color. The piece, shouting, oversaturated shades have already got now out of fashion, and here the natural hair color and their natural appearance is relevant more than ever. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team