Colourless henna for hair and skin care

Colourless henna for hair and skin care

Henna usually is associated at us with coloring of hair in red color. But on counters it is possible to meet also colourless henna which is effective natural skin care product and hair. Besides, it costs little very much.

Colourless henna usually is on sale in special shops or cosmetic departments of supermarkets. It is packed into small imperceptible bags and represents small dark green powder with light grass smell. Henna is ancient skin care product and hair and contains huge amount of active agents. It possesses anti-inflammatory, antioksdantny, bactericidal action. 

Colourless henna for hair

This henna is deprived of pigments therefore you can not be afraid for the natural or painted fair hair. For preparation of mask just dissolve powder with warm water, carefully mix to condition of homogeneous mass and apply on previously washed up hair. Roll up plastic bag, from above towel and take this mix on the head of 30 minutes till 2 o'clock. Then carefully wash with shampoo and apply balm. 

If you have dry injured hair, then it is possible to add various ingredients to henna: olive, burdock, almond oils, kefir, egg yolk. Every two weeks is recommended to do such masks. 

Colourless henna for the person

This very simple, available and at the same time effective remedy. Mix also is prepared: mixes up from warm or hot (but not boiling) water and it is carried to uniform state. For oily and problem skin it is possible to mix henna in the ratio one to one with white, pink or blue clay. For dry — to add olive oil, sour cream, cream, honey. Additional ingredients need to be added to already prepared mix from henna and water. It is also possible just to add henna powder to your favourite face pack. 

It is necessary to hold it no more than 10-15 minutes as mix quickly stiffens and can pull together skin. Before removal to moisten cotton pad or sponge in warm water and to carefully soak mask. Otherwise it is possible to injure skin. 

Henna always was in arsenal of east beauties, and even now, with huge amount of creams and masks, is fine means for maintenance of beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team