Competent pedicure in house conditions

Competent pedicure in house conditions

That foot always looked well-groomed, optional constantly to visit beauty shops for holding expensive procedures. The competent and magnificent pedicure can be made also in house conditions independently.

Professionals advise to do pedicure at least once in two weeks. At regular and correct leg care skin on feet will become gentle, and nails will look accurate. Steaming of legs

Before the procedure carefully wash up legs, remove old varnish. Soften skin of feet by means of bath. Pour warm water into basin, add to it soapsuds, for example, shower gel, a little sea salt can also put. Take legs in water about 15 minutes. Wipe towel.

Processing of cuticle also you nogteyvozmit nippers or cuticle scissors, accurately cut off the acting nail in a straight line. By means of file level rough tips, moving from edge of nail plate to its center. Standing do nails square to prevent their growing into skin. By means of special stick from orange tree carefully remove cuticle and clean nail plate from its particles. That the cuticle cleaned up better, apply on it the special softening means. Carry out by stick under nail, remove the dirt which has collected there and the dried-up skin cells. By means of bilateral file polish the surface of nail that it looked smooth. Leaving for stopamiudelita attention and to feet, remove from them the coarsened leather by means of pumice. Grease legs with nutritious cream, massage foot with slight circular motions a little. If the skin on heels bursts, there are natoptysh, use methods of traditional medicine. Apply any nutritious mask on problem zones, wrap legs polyethylene, put on socks. You hold medical mask all night long. Wash up legs in the morning, grease them with the moisturizing cream. Drawing lakan stage of putting varnish everything depends on your taste and desire. It is possible just to make up nails the colourless or strengthening varnish, and it is possible to make them bright, to draw the drawing. So, degrease nails by means of special liquid. Between fingers put dividers. Put colourless basis which will protect nails from harmful components of varnish. Wait until it dries, put layer of the pleasant color varnish, dry it, put the second layer that the shade has turned out more saturated. Cover nails with the fixing means. Everything, you became the owner of magnificent pedicure.

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