Composition of creams for the person: in what danger

Composition of creams for the person: in what danger

Not all women read composition of creams before their use. And this information can save from many skin problems which provoke harmful additives.

During deficiency era on shelves of shops it was possible to find one-two face creams. Women had no opportunity to choose therefore means were selected by the principle "will approach – will not approach". Then the range began to extend, and women began to consider skin type, its state when choosing cosmetics. It has reduced quantity of the thrown-out means.

Modern girls and women are more and more anxious with health of the skin. It is for this purpose important to know accurately that for it it will be useful and that will do harm. Attentively read the label and do not forget about the principle: ingredients in structure are placed in decreasing order of their concentration.

What it is better to avoid

The word Formalinum means that at structure there is formaldehyde. It is used in cosmetics as preservative. This very hazardous substance which is officially recognized as carcinogen. Getting deep into skin, formaldehyde can cause damages and can even lead to mutation at the cellular level.

All ingredients with the termination "-paraben" also have to guard the buyer. For example, Butylparaben, Methylparaben, Propylparaben. They increase expiration date of cosmetics and at the same time provoke breast cancer. Also during set of experiments it has been proved that most often the allergy to cream is caused by parabens. The substances Parraffinium Liquidum, Mineral oil in fact are mineral oils. They clog up pores and lead to appearance of pimples.Propylene of Glycol it is often possible to meet as a part of the moisturizing creams. It harms skin, causing irritation.Glycerin (glycerin) is used in creams as humidifier. In small concentration it is not dangerous. However it is worth avoiding availability of glycerin together with water high on the list of ingredients. The efficiency of this means will be the same if to dissolve pharmaceutical glycerin independently.

Tricks of producers

Often producers of cosmetics go on various tricks to confuse buyers, without breaking the law. So harmful Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate sodium sulfates possess toxic action, but at the same time often meet as a part of cosmetics. To lull into a false sense of security buyers, the producer writes on packing "Is made from coconuts". The woman is conducted on marketing trick, thinking of naturalness of cream, and neglects reading structure. Familiar ingredient under the name "Collagen" is perceived by many as the useful substance helping to maintain elasticity of skin. However only collagen of plant origin as its molecules have the small size is useful. Animal collagen is not accepted by human skin that leads to blockage of time.

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