Composition of sperm cream

Composition of sperm cream

"Sperm" cream has number of unique properties. It perfectly softens, feeds, recovers face skin, makes on it the regenerating impact. It becomes possible thanks to its structure.

"Sperm" cream enjoys wide popularity. It perfectly nourishes skin, recovers it, protects from negative impact of the external environment and interferes with moisture loss, emergence on face of early wrinkles.

Some believe that cream has received the name thanks to the content in it of spermaceti which is received when cooling the fat which is contained in the fibrous bag located in the head of cachalot.

Unfortunately, in modern cosmetics including in Sperm cream, natural spermaceti is absent. Producers do not specify it and in the list of the used ingredients and most often replace it with cetyl palmitate, lanolin and stearoly. Cetyl palmitate - spermaceti analog. It has much lower cost, than natural product as it has synthetic origin. The lack of spermaceti as a part of creams has a talk with the similar name not the high cost of product, and the fact that now this substance is not produced commercially. Once it was got very actively and used in the candle and cosmetic industry. It has led to reduction of population of whales. Now according to the international agreement the production of whales is commercially forbidden. In the "Sperm" cream produced by Nevsky Cosmetics factory there is no cetyl palmitate even. Functions of this component are partially performed by other wax-like substances

The Sperm cream produced by Nevsky Cosmetics factory contains lanolin and beeswax. These products actively nourish skin, protect it from environmental impact, give it elasticity, interfere with appearance of wrinkles. It should be noted that concentration of these components in this cream is rather high. These can explain its high efficiency. Besides the above-stated substances at the list of active components there is olive oil. It has very beneficial influence on skin. Oil feeds it and protects from presenilation as natural antioxidants are its part. "Sperm" cream has rather dense fat texture therefore it will be suitable rather for dry skin. It can be applied with success to prevention of appearance of the first wrinkles. Composition of Sperm cream rather simple. At it there are only several components of mainly natural origin and there are no synthetic dyes and other harmful components.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team