Concept and essence of stretching

Concept and essence of stretching

Stretching is the specialized system of the all-developing exercises promoting increase in plasticity of muscles and joints. This type of training has appeared for the first time in Sweden. Literally "stretching" can be translated as "extension". It follows from this that the point of execution of these exercises leads to improvement of health of the whole organism through muscle strain. It stretching strongly resembles yoga. It is the best of all to be engaged in stretching in groups and under the leadership of the instructor, but development of exercises independently is also not forbidden.

Performance of specialized exercises for stretching of body demands the most strict observance of essentially important recommendations.

It is necessary to pick up clothes competently. The t-shirt and leggings well will approach. People who have "rigid" sheaves by nature have to select clothes taking into account that it kept them in heat all training. The best footwear for occupations stretching are sneakers, but it is possible to practise and barefoot.The second principle is the correct organization of training occupations. Before performance of exercises it is necessary to warm all groups of muscles carefully. After warm-up there is easy, and then also stronger extension. Directly stretching can be applied as warm-up, preparation of body for the main loading, or on the contrary as hitch.

Now It is necessary to tell about rules of performance of these exercises:

- it is necessary to concentrate on specific part of body and to study it;

- to try to avoid articulate pains;

- also you should not forget about competent breath, at the developed short wind it is necessary to stop occupations until breath returns to normal again.

Stretching helps to develop such qualities as direct bearing, clarification of joints from salt deposits, improves mood. Also stretching improves blood circulation, takes off pain in joints and muscles and is fine prevention of cellulitis. With these subspecies of fitness it is possible to forget about arthritis and arthrosis.

Stretching has no minuses. And still, it will not appear superfluous to hold before fitness consultation with the expert, especially if there are chronic articulate diseases which are not connected with salt deposits.

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