Consequences of daily washing of hair

Consequences of daily washing of hair

Very many women and girls, aiming to look more attractively, wash the head every day. But costs zadumtsya: whether it is possible to subject so often hair and head skin to contact with water and not really useful detergents?

Movement No Poo

Recently in America among ordinary citizens and the Hollywood stars there was movement protesting against use of purchased shampoo and other related products (conditioner, conditioner, mask). Supporters No poo as basis have taken availability in these means of large amount of the harmful formaldehydes, parabens, chemical elements and connections which are working great mischief to health of hair and head skin.

Participants No poo were divided into two camps. Some - supporters of completely to refuse application of any means and to use in hair care only water. More sparing type of refusal of purchased means is application national, "grandmother's recipes" with use of the natural components having the cleaning properties (vinegar, laundry soap, soda, citric acid).

Among ardent supporters of this movement such media persons as Robert Patison (in combination being one of ideologists of protest), Juliana Moore, Jessica Simpson, etc. are noticed.

Negative sides of natural leaving and frequent washing of the head

The broths of herbs, shampoos and balms prepared in house conditions on national recipes is not always panacea. Experienced trichologists assure that use of similar means can not only not bring any positive result, but also cause allergic reactions, aggravations or more serious problems, for example, baldness.

Daily washing of hair will not result in positive result. Head skin excretes oils or the hair lubricant necessary for roots of hair adding them gloss and elasticity. At frequent contact with water and detergents the core begins to be stratified, skin to dry and be irritated, on result it is possible to receive fragile, lifeless curls.

If to wash the head without shampoo use, it will not lead to improvement of state and general view of hair and head skin. Hard flowing water also results in fragility, sputyvat roots and gives to hair type of straw. Dermatologists and trichologists are sure that daily washing of the head, leads to problems with work of sebaceous glands. If after washing to use the phenom, then from contact with hot air the tips of hair become dry, and roots of hair on the contrary fat.

When and how often to wash the head, depends on type of skin and structure of hair and also on degree of their pollution. There are no general rules in this respect. Experts advise correctly to select care products to the specific person, individual requirements, then hair will look more attractively, and it will allow to minimize the number of visits of the bathroom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team