Consequences of permanent make-up of eyebrows

Consequences of permanent make-up of eyebrows

The permanent make-up of eyebrows is the cosmetic procedure allowing to give to eyebrows the tidy and finished look for a long time. One of the main advantages of permanent make-up is his firmness and opportunity not to spend time for daily portrayal. Nevertheless the permanent make-up of eyebrows has also negative consequences of which it is worth thinking before consent to the procedure.

The permanent make-up of eyebrows is made in two ways. The first – hairpin – is that the master traces the thin lines imitating the real hairs on superciliary arches. The second look is called soft shading, in this case color is caused continuously on all necessary area. Regardless of elected technicians of permanent make-up before the procedure anesthetic is applied on the involved zone.

The hairpin equipment is more difficult in drawing. Besides, healing happens slightly longer, and the probability of developing of hypostases is slightly higher, than at soft shading.

The passing consequences of permanent make-up of eyebrows

The procedure of permanent make-up of eyebrows is quite painful, and despite local anesthesia, pain after all can be felt. Besides, superciliary arches some time will be swelled up a little, later on the traced line crusts can be formed therefore especially careful leaving coordinated with the master will be necessary for skin. To estimate, the permanent make-up has been how qualitatively executed, it will be possible only 10-14 days later.

Decorative consequences of permanent make-up of eyebrows

Unfortunately, the result of the procedure of drawing permanent make-up can disappoint. It is possible to allocate two reasons of discontent of clients. First, unsuccessful choice of paint. Eyebrows can turn out too dark. Masters often assure that under epidermis layer the shade will be less intensive, but the professional will consider also tsvetotip, the same tone will look on the blonde and the suntanned brunette differently.

The improper shape of eyebrow is one more reason of discontent with the made permanent make-up. Too long, asymmetrical, with ugly break or just improper to face form of the line can not just disappoint, but also to become the cause of the real stress. It is possible to correct such work only the laser, but the procedure of removal of pigment is painful and not one session can demand.

Cold shades quite easily are removed the laser, warm it is worse. It is very difficult to get rid of corporal-white tones which are used at correction of improper form.

Complications at permanent make-up of eyebrows

In rare instances use of anesthesia can cause allergic reaction which is terrible the fact that the area of application of anesthetic is near eyes. Besides, the substances used in dye can also be the cause of rashes. Therefore before the procedure the master needs to report all important data on the health and features of organism. One more type of complications at permanent make-up of eyebrows is developing of hypostasis or hematoma, as a rule, this consequence of use of the low-quality equipment. And, at last, it is kind of improbable sounded, there is risk of entering of infections therefore it is necessary to make sure that it in salon is clean, and the master uses disposable materials.

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