Corn-bunting on face: how to purify skin

Corn-bunting on face: how to purify skin

Some of people face rash on the person who appears in the form of the dense white dots similar to whiteheads. They are called still by miliuma or corn-buntings. The different phenomena can be the causes of such points is delay in sebaceous gland of secret, there can be also problems connected with work of internals (liver or pancreas). They can arise also because of presence of helminths (worms) at organism and even because of small consumption of liquid.


1. Single corn-buntings to you can remove in any beauty shop – the place of eel is well disinfected, then it is opened with needle and deleted. At big rash of corn-buntings (only if they not the really considerable sizes) it is the most reasonable to resort to peeling (to cosmetic or made according to national recipes).

2. In case corn-buntings still continue to appear at you on face, you should reconsider the diet: surely exclude from food flour, sweet and fat (if there is no opportunity completely to tsbrat greasy food from diet, then add lemon juice to the daily menu). The use of carrot juice on an empty stomach (enough 0.5 glasses a day) or parsley infusion will well affect face skin and also consumption of beer yeast is recommended (one teaspoon at meal time), or accept broth of roots of burdock (50 ml on 3-4 times a day).

3. At the same time external treatment of corn-buntings (milium) needs also to be carried out. Well the cleaning face packs, lotions from cucumbers will help (rub cucumber on small grater that at you 2 tablespoons have turned out, then fill in mix of 120 ml of boiled water and insist 3-4 hours). Also grease with juice of fruits of ordinary guelder-rose not only eels, and completely all person – it has very good cleaning effect.

4. Compresses will help to get rid of corn-bunting: mix calendula and camomile in equal proportions (approximately on 1 teaspoon), fill in with boiled water (300 ml) and put for 10-15 minutes on water bath, then filter. Put the moistened cotton tampon in infusion on the person for three minutes (repeat the procedure five times). Such compresses are recommended to be done daily within two weeks, and in the next two weeks every other day.

5. Any changes on face demonstrate insufficient his skin care and about the arising problems in organism in general. For this reason only local treatment, as a rule, in such cases happens insufficiently. Consult surely with the expert.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team