Correct breast care and zone of decollete

Correct breast care and zone of decollete

The female breast requires special attention and care. The fact is that skin in decollete zone quite thin and if it is wrong to look after her, quickly loses elasticity. The corresponding procedures and house masks will help to keep youth and beauty.

That your breast always was in good shape and longer remained elastic and tightened, it is regularly necessary to look after her. It does not mean that it is necessary to go immediately to beauty shop and to buy expensive means which producers promise instant result. You can quietly manage the folk natural remedies prepared with own hand in house conditions. So, for example, it is very useful to take contrast shower for breast. If you belong to that category of people who like to luxuriate in hot bathtub, allocate at least several minutes for rinsing of bust with cold water. However be not overzealous as you can chill breast.

Wipings of zone of decollete and breast ice cube are incredibly useful. For its preparation you can use both purified water, and broths of various curative herbs. Besides, gentle skin of bust is well influenced by the frozen milk. There is also more extraordinary way of maintenance of elasticity of breast. Place bra in cellophane package and put in the freezer. In half an hour get it, you put on and resemble several minutes, it is no more. Cold compresses are categorically contraindicated at inflammatory processes and catarrhal diseases.

For maintenance of youth and beauty of breast it is recommended to use the special masks prepared in house conditions. For example, cut with thin slices fresh cucumber, orange or lemon. Apply compress on breast and wait about 10 minutes. Then rinse it with stream of cool flowing water and apply nutritious cream. The wild strawberry contains huge amount of vitamins and other useful substances which tone up and nourish skin. Mash berries to pyureobrazny state, mix with small amount of natural yogurt or milk cream. Apply the received weight with even layer on breast, you hold 15 minutes and wash away.

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