Correct neck care

Correct neck care

Looking after the skin, most of girls and women daily with enthusiasm smear with cream the person, from time to time complementing the habitual list with anti-cellulite means for body and still something on mood. But there is one zone about most of which often forget, - neck. Fortunately, care for this delicate zone is not so difficult at all. Though some rules really should be known.

1. It is necessary to look after neck skin so carefully, as well as face skin, - that is twice a day. It is the best of all to begin morning with contrast shower (or at least rinsings with cool water) which both the body will encourage, and will lighten the mood. Such shower is also useful to neck: it not only cleans, but also improves blood-groove and perfectly tones up epidermis, allowing to receive easy, but permanent lifting effect. Then let's skin dry in the natural way or if you hurry, accurately blot water with fabric.

2. Now it is possible to apply cosmetics to clean skin. Alcohol-free tonic, then - if desired - serum and, of course, the moisturizing cream has to go the first in the list. It is desirable that at its structure there were F and E vitamins, soligialuronovy acid, chitosan, amino acids of silk and milk, extracts of seaweed. For protection against ultraviolet it is desirable to take medicines with SPF in sunny days. In the evening same idea: clarification - gel or skin for washing, milk, lotion, thermal or micellar water. Then toning and food follow. It is better if in cream there are vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants, elastin, collagen, or epidermal factors of growth.

3. By the way, it is possible to use the cleaning means in this area universal - the main thing that they intended for dry or normal skin: fat on neck is not. It is good if lotions have additional bleaching action. And here creams and serums surely choose specialized. The means developed only for this zone in the market are not enough therefore on jars necessary to you, most likely, it will be written "for face and neck", "for neck and decollete", and even "for face, neck and bust".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team