Correct posture: as to create it

Correct posture: as to create it

posture – basis of slim and graceful figure. At first sight this statement seems paradoxical. Than the bearing can help if on body there are dozen extra kilos? And on the other hand, if with weight and growth everything is all right, and here bearing? In fact everything is very simple: even the most faultless figure will seem inconsistent if it is crooked, warped and bends to the earth under weight round-shouldered plechy.


  1. Often even at very slender girls it is possible to notice ugly sticking out tummy. Also it is explained not by mythical extra kilos which are absent, namely the wrong bearing distorting figure. Make simple experiment: get up in front of big mirror and try to stand up straight, having straightened eternally clamped breast and having slightly cast away the head back. For certain you will see how wonderfully all your figure was tightened, has accepted more graceful outlines and even the sticking-out tummy became less noticeable. And business all that you have just accepted the correct position of body.
  2. Modern inactive, sedentary life does not dispose to natural forming of correct posture. Therefore it is necessary to deal with this issue independently, finding for it time and attention. To create correct posture, you have to learn first of all that it is.
  3. Do simple exercise: be undressed and lean back against the next door jamb, evenly touching it by nape, shovels, buttocks, calves of legs and heels. Postoyte in such situation also try to experience couple of minutes that happens at this time to your body. Then depart from jamb, trying to keep the arisen situation, and be looked in big mirror. For certain your image will seem to you new and unexpected. And it is all about the changed bearing and the straightened back.
  4. To keep correct posture during the day and to hold backbone to straight lines, try the following reception. Imagine that through the top of your head thread on which you are suspended as doll puppet is passed. And this thread constantly brings up you up irrespective of you sit or go. Feel this thread and the figure extended up. Now provide that similar thread is attached to the middle of your breast and constantly slightly pulls you forward. Feel how it is straightened and a little your thorax moves forward.
  5. During walking try to represent both of these threads which are at the same time pulling you top and forward. But do not overdo. It is not necessary to try to jump up, stand up on tiptoe or is exaggerated to expose breast forward. Your body has to be relaxed and is quiet, shoulders are softly lowered down, and the chin is a little raised. At first to you will keep difficult and unusually constantly such regal bearing therefore it is necessary to control itself by mentally strong-willed effort. But after a while muscles will remember new position of body and it will become for you natural and habitual irrespective of circumstances.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team