Correct problem and oily skin care

Correct problem and oily skin care

Beautiful and pure leather is always result of conscientious daily leaving. Stop dreaming of skin without greasy luster and pimples! Has come it is time to learn how it is correct to watch problem skin.

1) We wash and clean skin correctly

Any skin care begins by all means with its clarification. For problem skin soft bio-gel best of all will be suitable for washing of the person. Such means will carefully purify leather from excess fat, will slow down production of skin fat and also will give to the dullness face.

After washing it will be useful to wipe face skin with tonic. Tonic (or lotion) will purify leather from pollution which have eaten more deeply during time. It will be ideal to pick up tonic and means for washing from one series. Thus, we will increase effect of their action.

2) Additional clarification by peeling

The peeling will be very useful to oily skin, with its help old pollution in time will be eliminated. Such procedure after evening washing, before going to bed is carried out (that skin could "calm down" and have a rest). It is better to carry out face peel by peeling no more than 3 times a week. It is the best of all to wash away peeling face scrub warm water.

3) Masks for problem skin

Of course, for bigger efficiency several times a week it is recommended to do special masks. It can be masks from white, gray or blue clay. They will dry skin, will treat the formed inflammations and will remove greasy luster. Masks with addition of clay are washed away by warm water. Quantity of such masks 1-2 in week. After removal of clay mask it is important to grease skin with nutritious cream that it has not dried up further.

But it is worth remembering that feed is also necessary for oily skin. Therefore once a week it is useful to do mask of heavy cream (it is possible to add to cream of a little lemon juice which will refresh and will clarify complexion).

To moisturize problem skin also important. It is the best of all to carry out moistening after peeling. Honey (1 tablespoon) and oat flakes (about 2 tablespoons) perfectly will be suitable for moistening. We mix ingredients and we put even layer on face, after 15–20 minutes of the procedure we wash away warm water.

4) Diet

For beautiful skin the nutrition has to be good. It is necessary to exclude smoked products, hot and fried dishes. It is the best of all to use the dishes steamed or boiled. It is important to have in the diet greens, vegetables and fruit in the raw and to drink enough mineral water (better without gas).  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team