Cosmetic flower — primrose evening

Cosmetic flower — primrose evening

in cosmetics? Of course! But not some, namely primrose evening. Behind unpretentious beauty it hides true super abilities. Let's leave tulips in vase...

Natural superforces

The primrose or sundrops works absolutely imperceptibly, but it has huge force. It manages to grow on poor soils and in the most severe conditions, and it blossoms within several seconds - quicker, than any other flower. In addition it has such magic ability - to blossom only at night. Only after decline it comes to life and shows the yellow flowers on top form.

Food for skin tissues

This magic food - gamma linolenic acid. Any other plant does not contain very much it enough nutrient which provides large amount of moisture and stimulates metabolism. So the primrose evening combats the dry and angry skin and awakens tired and sluggish skin to life. Even naggers and irritation can be treated by means of nutrients of evening primrose.

Immediate action

For several seconds the sundrops opens petals of the flower. With the same lightning speed ingredients of flower do skin elastic and smooth. Here it is possible to refer also the immediate strengthening effect.

Leaving with long-term guarantee

The primrose blossoms in the evening when others sleep – tells about it also its name, that is intensive life of flower begins at night. The sundrops stimulates formation of hormones of fabric which return to skin its elasticity. Thus, the flower struggles with the biggest enemy of skin - wrinkles!

The worthy place in the cosmetic industry

It is quite difficult to find yellow flower in the nature because it grows in the most unexpected places - for example, between stones, at ancient walls or on railway tracks. Fortunately, the industry of beauty has already found effect of power of sundrops and used it in day and night creams, intensive concentrates or in skin care products around eyes and lips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team