Cosmetic use of tea tree oil for the person

Cosmetic use of tea tree oil for the person

How often do we use natural cosmetic oils? Today I want to share experience of use of tea tree oil in face care.

In what does the advantage of oil consist in the cosmetic purposes?

Many women, different age, suffer from various rashes on skin which often leave marks in the form of spots or hems.

Fighting for pure leather we spend large sums for purchase of the most popular, expensive means in hope that any of them completely will save from problem. 

And it turns out that everything is simple. Rather regularly to use oil of tree tea which successfully fights from different rash, besides does not demand big monetary expenses.

This cosmetic is unique on the structure. At the expense of combination of certain components it favorably influences integuments:

  • calms,
  • carefully looks after,
  • feeds,
  • gives antibacterial effect.

After application, skin becomes freshen, shining, rashes disappear, without leaving marks.

Cosmetic essential oil is applied pointwise, in certain face zone. It is necessary to drip slightly oils on finger, to grease with it heat-spot. It is necessary to repeat this manipulation five times in day, before disappearance of rashes.

Oily skin will be helped by compresses. To add essential oil of lavender and tea tree to calendula tincture (1 spoon) (on two drops). To dilute with glass of water, to blot gauze and to put on face. 1-2 days are desirable to do such procedure by course of 20 compresses with interval.

The natural house srub helps to struggle with pimples and signs of acne. It is necessary to mix sugar handful with honey, cosmetic oil avocado and tea tree. Also this means is added to means for washing.

To get rid of signs of acne, reddenings mix of radio compositions of dogrose (10 ml) and tea tree (5 droplets) will help. It is daily necessary to grease with this structure problem places.

Skin lotion on the basis of tea tree and also calendula helps to clean, give well freshness to integument, to narrow pores. Flowers of calendula should be filled in with boiled water (glass of boiled water - 2 spoons of calendula), to insist.

To add 5 droplets of cosmetic tea tree oil to the received infusion. It is only enough to wipe with it face skin after washing. It is previously good to shake up. To store in the fridge.

Face packs on the basis of tea tree oil

Masks with tea tree are very useful. They level tone, struggle with imperfections, return healthy complexion. The mask is maintained by twenty minutes, further wash away slightly cool water.

Also the yogurt mask which is preparing on the basis of low-fat yogurt and three droplets of oil will be not less useful. Components need to be mixed carefully, to cause the received structure on all area of the person.

For skin with excessive fat content it is possible to try moisturizing mask for the person on the basis of cosmetic jojoba oil and tomato. It is good to pound, add pulp of tomato jojoba (teaspoon) and tea tree (four droplets). To put on all face. To hold 10 minutes.

To avoid unpleasant and even to some extent dangerous consequences, it is necessary to consider rules of use of essential oils:

  • This means which is usually rather concentrated therefore in pure form it is not applied. As a last resort it is applied pointwise on the struck skin zones;
  • It is dosed by drops;
  • It is necessary to store it in dark glass bottle far from high temperatures;
  • Not to accept inside!

It is worth taking an interest about contraindications which this means has. 

Carry to them:

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy period;
  • recently postponed ChMT;

Besides, it is worth observing precautionary measures, namely – to avoid hit of oil means on mucous (eyes, mouth).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team