Cosmetics from wrinkles around eyes: myths and reality

Cosmetics from wrinkles around eyes: myths and reality

manufacturing companies inspire hope of fast disposal of such natural process as appearance of wrinkles in eyes. However the practical experience shows that wrinkles medicines are not so perfect.

What wrinkles medicines have no due effect

Botox is capable to neutralize small wrinkles, but only in the form of injections. Introduction of Botox to composition of cream it is unjustified as substance is not capable to get into muscle tissue. In the same way it is necessary to use also widely advertized hyaluronic acid.

Quite often producers glorify the effect gained from means with the content of extracts of black caviar and also seaweed. Actually these components possess the moistening action therefore dry skin can be smoothed after their application. Nevertheless, with the same result it is possible to use less expensive cosmetics.

The elasticity of skin in many respects depends on collagen presence. Level of necessary substance under the influence of vitamin C increases. It is worth noticing that the best result is traced if to enter the products rich with vitamin B the diet. Creams with its contents do not render any effect on wrinkles. By the way, the modern woman is perfectly informed on positive influence of elastin and collagen on skin. Impudently advertisers also use it. The creams saturated with these ingredients enjoy wide popularity. Only women do not consider that molecules of collagen and elastin are too big and are not capable to get through epithelium layer. One more minus of use of these cosmetics is that these substances lead to obstruction of veins and inflammation of sebaceous glands. Alphahydroacids are designed to rejuvenate face skin, eliminating upper layer of cages. As a result skin remains absolutely defenseless against adverse effect of direct sunshine. The destructive effect on epithelium can make similar impact. Cream with 2 dimethylaminoethanol increases cages, expanding intracellular cavities. Therefore skin is smoothed. Alas, effect of cream does not differ in duration. Several hours later the expressed cell fission process delay and also their death begins. The placenta is capable to rejuvenate skin as at it there are hormonal substances. However, they are also the reason of hormonal imbalance at regular use of cosmetics. Now there are practically no creams with addition of placenta. Its use in production of cosmetics is forbidden. Earlier was considered that liposomes are capable to restore cellular membrane which becomes too thin in the course of aging. Afterwards it has become clear that in thickness of membranes the young and old skin cells have no difference. Therefore means with liposomes are useless. Albumine really smoothes skin. However the positive result speaks simply: substance creates special film on the surface of face, but does not save from wrinkles.

How to increase efficiency of means from wrinkles

Most often the effect of smoothing of wrinkles is explained by availability of moisture, necessary for skin. Therefore in most cases it is enough to use the moisturizing and nutritious creams to maintain health of own skin. It is possible to increase their action, adhering to healthy lifestyle, having refused smoking and the use of alcohol-containing products. That skin looked young, it is necessary to find enough time for dream and walks in the fresh air. Besides, it is worth drinking more water and to enter into diet products, vitamin-rich.

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