Councils and secrets for hair care

Councils and secrets for hair care

As a lot of attention is drawn to themselves by the woman's hair. All want to have well-groomed, brilliant, long, dense, silky, in a word magnificent hair. But that hair were pleasing to your eye and surrounding with the beauty, behind them careful leaving is necessary. Here several councils for hair care.


  1. If hair easy as pukhlegky hair very badly hold laying, and scatter in different directions from the slightest whiff of wind. Not to resemble dandelion, hair can be moistened a little, thereby having weighted them. Moistening can be made the body lotion which is not containing alcohol. For this purpose pour several drops of lotion in palm, pound in palms and run moist hands over hair.
  2. That hair blestelietot the way of giving of gloss to hair suits only owners of the dark hair which are independently painted or. Nothing else will add to hair of saturation and gloss as usual coffee. For this purpose before washing of hair apply coffee thick on hair and wash away in 5-7 minutes. Besides at constant use of coffee allows to get rid of dandruff.
  3. When using shampoo from dandruff or for fat volosshampun from dandruff and for oily hair contain alkalis in the structure, and alkaline structures badly transfer hair. In that case it is necessary to restore acid-base balance of head skin, and to make it it is possible acidulation of water with which you rinse hair after washing. For this purpose add lemon juice, ascorbic acid or weak solution of vinegar to water.
  4. Radical sredstvomnogy women complain that hair became rare and thin, but at the same time keep their length. And the best exit from this situation is the short hairstyle. And business all that at roots hair more rigid and thick, than on the ends. Therefore hair with short hairstyle look more dense and healthier. Be not surprised that with age your hair began to grow slowly and look differently. The longest hair can be grown aged from 14 till 17 flyings, then hair become thinner and grow more and more slowly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team