Councils for care for dry skin of hands

Councils for care for dry skin of hands

Dryness of skin of hands - quite widespread problem. How to cope with it?


1. If you have dry skin on hands, protect it from harmful external effects: during cold you wear gloves or mittens. In case of long stay in the sun, use sunblock cream.

2. After washing dry wipe hands towel, especially sites between fingers.

3. Be careful when using chemical means for cleaning of sink, bathtub, sink of ware, washing of linen, etc. Whenever possible, buy less dangerous means. Use rubber gloves.

4. Perhaps, the problem of dryness of skin is connected with lack of vitamins and microelements. The doctor will help you to pick up the necessary course. Usually register vitamins A in similar cases and E.

5. If skin excessively dry, bursts, sores are formed, surely visit the dermatologist. Perhaps, dryness of skin it is connected with any disease.

6. Choose for yourself optimum hand soap. It is desirable that it was natural and did not contain additives.

7. Choose hand cream which suits you, you apply it regularly. Cosmetologists in this case advise the moisturizing cream. Equally well it is possible to use usual children's cream - it ideally humidifies and softens. It is also useful to oil skin vegetable or olive - fine means from dryness.

8. Indulge the handles with pleasant cosmetic procedures. For example, take hands about 20 minutes in bath with water and one tablespoon of olive oil. Such procedure also is useful to dry skin: make compress of cream of high fat content, take 10-15 minutes, wash away warm water (if there is no opportunity to make compress, just apply cream to skin, take and wash away). It is also useful to do mask of porridge (mix a little porridge and vegetable oil), take minutes 20, wash away.

9. Reduce bathing time - hot water worsens condition of skin.

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