Councils for selection of hairstyles

Councils for selection of hairstyles

Correctly picked up hairstyle is not only pledge of good mood of the woman, but also the means, surprising by the opportunities, allowing to adjust visually shortcomings of appearance and it is favorable to emphasize its advantages. Well styled hair will help to change shape of face, to soften sharp lines and to lower age if to use the basic rules of selection of hairstyles.

We define shape of face

Before choosing hairstyle, being guided by fashion trends or own wishes concerning color and length of hair, it is recommended as it is possible to define shape of your face more precisely. It is the simplest to make it if to comb hair back, having tied up them kerchief or tape, to rise closely in front of the mirror and to circle with soft cosmetic pencil or unnecessary lipstick face contours.

General harmony of shape

Traditionally distinguish five main types of shape of face: oval, round, rectangular, heart-shaped, extended (triangular). But selection of hairstyle needs to be carried out not only taking into account features of shape of face, but also the general silhouette of figure: too wide hips will not be in harmony with very short smooth hairstyles; girls of small growth should avoid excessively magnificent curls doing the head disproportionately big in comparison with their tiny figure.

We select hairstyle for oval and round face

It was most of all lucky owners of oval face – they will suit any hairstyles, both modern, and executed in retrostyle. Round faces need the graceful hairstyles which are visually extending cheeks. Various laying with rise on parietal zone will well look; all types of side hair partings; the small locks which are laying down on cheeks. It is recommended to avoid hairstyles of caret from the ends of hair, the parting in the middle combed back hair and small curlies laid inside.

The choice of hairstyles for triangular and heart-shaped faces

Such persons are characterized by wide forehead and small chin, therefore, hairstyles have to soften visually this contrast and reduce length of the person. Well with this task asymmetric bangs, the short magnificent or freely laid hairstyles, waves or laying cope with long bang and high pile. Categorically very short bangs, equal central hair partings combed back hair do not approach such face type.

Hairstyles for rectangular faces

As the shape of face and hairstyle have to be in harmony among themselves, first of all it is important to owners of rectangular face to disguise hair wide cheekbones. For this purpose the wavy curls framing face are ideal; the side hair partings and long bangs combed on one side; asymmetric hairstyles with volume on temples. It is worth avoiding very short hairstyles opening malar and temporal area, long straight lines or the hair combed back.

We mask separate face defects

  • If you have small face, then you should not overload it with details of intricate hairstyle – just take away hair from face, create the greatest possible volume on parietal part and temples;
  • the big nose will be evident not so if to make cascade hairstyle, and the persons of lock which here are freely hanging lengthways will only draw excessive attention to this shortcoming;
  • at low or, on the contrary, very high forehead it is not recommended to comb hair back. The best option for both cases – graceful bang;
  • at close put eyes laying with long bang is recommended. The best that can be made in such situation - to pick up the hairstyle which is most opening the person.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team