Councils for the correct storage of cosmetics

Councils for the correct storage of cosmetics

is necessary for each woman, and it is not important – much it or only several tubes of lipstick. The main thing that it is necessary to store it correctly that it could serve but not spoil skin. Even if the expiration date has not passed yet, cosmetics at the wrong storage can work great mischief therefore knowledge of several very important secrets is necessary.

Powder serves long – two years, and is stored only at the room temperature.

Foundation is afraid of light and spoils from excessive humidity. When is after use in the fridge, does not lose the properties and in 12 months. Most quicker water-based tone means spoil.

Generally the means intended for face skin care are suitable from six to twelve months, and the place it – in fridge door. Experts claim that creams maintain temperature usually from 5 to 25 degrees. If creams are stored at lower temperatures, then can become too firm and if their texture – liquid emulsion, - occurs reaction therefore water takes shape, so cream will be hopelessly spoiled. If temperature is higher than 25 degrees, cream can be softened too strongly, and besides, its structure will be broken. That cream brought the true benefit, it is necessary to get acquainted at once upon purchase with rules of storage. What, unfortunately, many do not do.

Lipstick is designed for the use in 18 months. It is a little whimsical and it is desirable to store it at temperature about 5 degrees. When it loses the properties, on lips lays down unevenly and very much dries them. It is possible to learn about the left use term on unpleasant smell.

Ink only then will look beautifully and effectively on eyelashes if is far away from sunshine and lighting fixtures. She loves usual room temperature and does eyes more expressive six months. From many means it can lose the properties most quicker, and it is better after the expired term to get rid of it, otherwise in it there are bacteria, and they have property to irritate mucous membrane.

Too it is better to store cosmetic pencils in the room, but so that the sun on them did not get, within 18 months.

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