Councils for those who want to lose weight

Councils for those who want to lose weight

Dream practically of each girl and the woman is the slim beautiful figure. Without losing some various food and without exhausting itself with physical exercises, it is possible to keep easily the figure in shape. Each woman has secrets on maintenance of figure in shape, but complementing the methods with several lower the listed councils, the effect will be brighter.


1. Smell each two-three hours a day essential oil of mint, and before food eat couple of leaves of mint. The aroma of peppermint suppresses appetite and reduces production of gastric juice.

2. Departing for sleeping surely draw night curtains or lower blinds. In the room in which you sleep it has to be dark. If in the room is light, then the organism will decide that it is time to stock for the winter, and will begin to accumulate them, but not to burn.

3. Going on the vacation, many choose hotels where they all inclusive, and cannot resist then abundance of buffet and overeat. Before exit to breakfast, lunch and dinner, clean teeth mint paste. It reduces sensitivity of flavoring receptors, and desire to take additives disappears.

4. Use porridge for fasting days. Eat in fasting day about 200 grams of the grits cooked on water without addition of sugar and oil. It is possible to add some salt to it only.

5. Broth of sprouts of barley helps to lose weight at the expense of aktivizirovaniye of metabolism and release of organism from slags. For preparation of barley water fill in 200 grams of germinated seeds of barley with 1 liter of water, and under cover on weak fire bring to boiling. Remove from fire, let's infuse 1 hour, filter and cool. Drink every day on one glass of barley water.

6. Use corn stigmas for suppression of appetite. They reduce appetite, have bile-expelling properties - clean liver. Crush 10 grams of dry snouts, fill in 1.5 glass of water, let's stand 20 minutes, then put on fire and you boil 30 minutes on weak fire. Filter and drink broth on 1-3 tablespoons each 3-4 hours.

7. Do not jam stress, grief and bad mood tasty plentiful food. When we are hungry we spoil mood and when we are sad and upset with something to us it seems that we want to eat. Actually it not so. Also you remember that the calories eaten in the period of bad mood are laid off for the future.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team