Councils how to get rid of face hair

Councils how to get rid of face hair

The problem of undesirable hair in the person is familiar to many women. But fortunately, there are many methods to get rid of them, if not forever, then for a long time.

Any undesirable woman's face hair are not considered as attribute of beauty and tenderness. Therefore hair over upper lip or too overgrown eyebrows can lower self-assessment. Removal of such hair was many centuries problem. But the industry of beauty has developed several methods and products which allow to get rid of them in any acceptable way. Here some ways which will seem to you interesting.

Plucking out

Plucking out of undesirable hair on eyebrows, in nose, on chin and over upper lip can be quite acceptable method. Especially if you have thin, light hairs. It is slightly sick, but is productive.

Lotion and hair removing cream

These means are simple in application. They are issued under different brands, quite often are universal. They can be used for different parts of body. Putting cream or lotion without serious consequences, and on removal of hair will be required only several minutes. There are also minuses: hair disappear for a while, such means cannot be used in zone around eyes. When choosing products it should be taken into account type of your skin to avoid damage and dryness.

The decolouring paint

One of options to make face hair imperceptible is to use paint which will decolour them. It is worth showing care at the first use of such product. Paint contains aggressive chemicals which are capable to cause allergic reaction.


You can depilate by means of hot wax in beauty shop or use special strips at home. This painful method, but has very good effect.

Removal of hair forever

This way demands the help of the expert. In modern beauty shops to you will suggest to get rid of hair by means of the laser or electricity. You will forever forget about undesirable hair, but it will cost you in the lump sum. Most likely, several procedures will be required in order that hair have ceased to grow again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team