Councils of pirser

Councils of pirser

This article is not designed to frighten you. I just want to draw the attention of all those who want to make piercing, on ""reefs"". Adhering to these councils, you not only will decorate the body, but also will not get problems with health.

In recent years there was around the world general hobby for piercing. You will surprise nobody with the pierced lip or nose any more. In this regard on the Internet the set of various councils and recommendations as it is necessary to do piercing began to appear. In going there are both sewing needles, and alcohol, and cologne. After piercing is made, ""happy"" owners of jewelry of a such type joyfully post photo in network. At many professionals the hair bristle from such show. I will list you several councils which will be useful to everyone to make piercing.

For a start be defined - whether you are ready to such responsibility? Practically nobody can accurately answer the questions ""Whether Piercing Is Necessary to Me?"" whether ""I will be able to look after him?"", whether ""I will have enough patience?"". Such people having made piercing, just forget about it. They begin to neglect measures of hygiene and sanitation (for example, not to touch puncture dirty), and then, at emergence of consequences, tighten campaign to the master in piercing or the doctor to the last. Of course, all consider what ""will precisely carry by"" them.

Choose the place on body for piercing. Professional or to ordinary fans of fitness you should not make athletes piercing in navel - the puncture at certain physical exercises will be injured, and it will negatively affect not only appearance of puncture, but also healing duration.

After you answer yourself these questions, it is worth passing to the choice of salon where will do you piercing. First of all pay attention to reputation of institution: the hairdressing salon where ""aunt Asya"" does piercing by sewing needles, will not approach. It is desirable to choose such salon in which the master will have certificates confirming it knowledge and also the extensive portfolio. Only in that case you will be able not to worry about the health. In conclusion I want to pay once again your attention to care for piercing. It is necessary. As means solution of miramistin or chlorhexedin best of all will be suitable for care for puncture. You should not use alcohol, vodka, various colognes and other means at all - so you only do much harm to yourself, having stretched terms of healing of puncture. It is impossible dirty hands (and according to professional pirser, hand always dirty) to finger ornament, to feel the place of puncture or to try to replace earring - so you with 80 percent probability will bring infection in not begun to live puncture. Afterwards it can cause inflammation and other troubles. P.S. Itself in the childhood has faced them. It was necessary to be treated at the surgeon within several weeks. And all because climbed dirty hands in just pierced ears. If you the admirer of extreme types of piercing, such as tunnels, for example, take care of change of jewelry in cold season: it is the best of all to carry tunnels or plugs from acrylic and tree. When wearing metal jewelry the frostbite can quite develop in the winter (skin around tunnel will blacken, the sensitivity will disappear, and amputation will become one of types of treatment, in that case). Doing piercing in professional salon, consult with the master in respect of leaving and wearing jewelry. Be not afraid and do not hesitate to ask questions, on game your health.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team