Cracks on heels: the reasons and treatment in house conditions

Cracks on heels: the reasons and treatment in house conditions

Callosities, natoptysh, bottom warts and cracks on heels cause discomfort and pain when walking and also raise possibility of penetration into organism of various pathogenic microbes.

Cracks on heels first of all signal about failure in work of organism. If to ignore problem, then over time they can extend, go deep and begin to bleed.

The reasons of cracks on heels

It is possible to carry to common causes of emergence of cracks:

  • fungal and infectious diseases;
  • dry skin of sole;
  • deficiency of vitamins;
  • chronic diseases;
  • footwear sock not by the size;
  • low-quality material of footwear;
  • lack of hygiene;
  • increased load on feet because of the excess weight of body.

If not the fungal diseases demanding drug treatment are the reason of cracks on heels, then it is possible to address self-treatment methods.

House treatment of cracks on heels

House means differ in the low cost, simplicity in preparation and use. Before holding any house procedure of leg it is necessary to wash up and wipe dry.

Recipes of baths

  • To mix 1.5 liters of hot water and 250 g of lemon juice in wide basin. To lower legs for 15 minutes, then to remove the flaking skin and to apply fat nutritious cream.
  • Or sage to fill in 2 tablespoons of pharmaceutical camomile with 1 liter of hot water and to insist within 20 minutes. To filter broth. To keep legs in bath not less than half an hour.
  • To fill in 2 tablespoons of green tea with two glasses of boiled water. In 10 minutes to pour out in basin and to add 2-3 more liters of warm water. To hold legs of 20 minutes.

Recipes of masks

  • One ripe apple to clean, remove core and to crush in the blender to uniform consistence. To smear heels and to hold within hour. Then legs to wash up and apply fat cream.
  • To mix 30 g of apple cider vinegar and 100 g of glycerin. To apply on the damaged places on heel, foot to wrap polyethylene and to hold 45 minutes. To do mask every other day.

Recipes of ointments

  • To crush 200 g of onions on the blender, to add 350 g of corn oil and 100 ml of the kindled beeswax and propolis. To apply on heels for hour, then to wash legs with cool water. For the best effect to use ointment within 2 weeks.
  • To crush on the blender 300 g of plumelets of green onions to consistence of puree. To apply weight on cracks on heel, to put on plastic bag and woolen sock leg. To hold all night long. Onions because of the excellent antiseptic properties neutralize pathogenic bacteria and heal wounds.  

Prevention of cracks on heels

It is always better to prevent disease, than then long and persistently to treat it therefore it is necessary to pay to prevention measures due attention:

  • footwear has to be from natural, air-permeable materials, convenient in sock, by the size;
  • more often, if there is opportunity, to go barefoot on sand and grass;
  • to find time for daily massage of feet;
  • to diversify diet with products, rich protein and vitamins A;
  • it is regular to steam out legs and to delete devitalized layer of skin;
  • not to neglect hygiene of legs;
  • it is regular to humidify soles by means of special creams.

It is worth reminding that before treatment of legs in house conditions it is necessary to exclude availability of fungal infections therefore on a visit to the expert it is better not to tighten.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team