Crayons for hair and ways of their application

Crayons for hair and ways of their application

In clothes of almost each girl there are clothes of different flowers and shades. For each dress and make-up it would be quite good to change also hair color. Recently it has become possible. Quite recently specialized crayons became popular. They have the special structure which does not have negative impact on hair at the correct use. Are easily put, and are washed away at the first washing of the head.

How to paint hair crayons - to choose to the owner of these hair. For walk, visit of cinema or cafe will be to paint several locks in 1-2 colors enough. Being prepared for celebration, evening at restaurant, to business appointment, will be to paint several locks of hair in the shade close to natural shade of hair enough. The thematic party in disco gives fine possibly to paint hair crayons of very bright and defiant colors.

Before beginning coloring of hair it is necessary to take care of clothes, furniture, the place where this procedure will be made. Floor and furniture should be covered with paper or film; it is necessary to throw cape over the person whose hair will be painted not to spoil clothes. If desired hair can be wetted slightly water from spray, then color will longer keep usual, however the structure of hair can be broken.

So, it is necessary to perform operation on coloring as follows:

  1. To comb hair carefully hairbrush, to allocate locks which will be painted, and to pin up the others clips.
  2. Under curls to enclose the sheet of paper and to carefully paint them piece of chalk. It is possible to paint both all lock entirely, and tips. Then it is necessary to shake dust a little. To set result by hairspray and when the lock dries, it can be combed accurately. To repeat this operation with varnish once again. The procedure with putting varnish on hair will save from undesirable coloring of the next locks.

It will be unusual to look the curl painted in color palette (2 and more flowers of one shade). For this purpose it is also necessary to separate curl from other hair and to twist in leaky plait. Almost at the basis of hair to paint in one color, is farther on curl and coming on the previous site a little - other color close to the first and so on. Under curl it is necessary not to forget to enclose paper. To accurately untwist hair and to fix by varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team