Cream and means from extensions

Cream and means from extensions

Extensions - ugly white and red strips - appear at women for several reasons. It can be hormonal failure, fast set of weight or pregnancy where these two factors work together.

Extensions - as to avoid them

What has better moisturized the skin - that it more elastic. And the risk of emergence of extensions is less. Therefore owners of skin of the fat and mixed type fall into more advantageous position. All the rest to prevent emergence of extensions, it is necessary to moisturize the skin nutritious means - creams and oils.

Doctors have found out that at the people playing sports, the risk of extensions is less. During the occupations, blood napityvatsya by oxygen which it bears to skin. Skin becomes smooth and elastic.

During pregnancy or at teenage age the risk of emergence of extensions is high. Weight increases too quickly, there is sharp stretching of skin. That hems were not formed, every day rub skin on stomach, breast, hips with olive oil or nutritious cream. Also can massage will help (pregnant women can mass only hips and breast). During this procedure, blood flows to the surface of skin, doing it to more elastic. Thin extensions which have begun to be formed resolve.

Effective remedies against extensions

If skin too dry, and set of weight is very fast, then is rather difficult to prevent emergence of extensions. However there are means - ointments and special procedures which will help to reduce quantity of extensions. Hems most often on stomach, breast, hips are formed. If extensions have appeared during pregnancy, then then, after the delivery, they prevent skin to be tightened. It weighs ugly bag, spoiling appearance. Therefore it is necessary to begin fight against extensions at once as they have begun to be formed.

That extensions were not formed during pregnancy, carry bandage as soon as the stomach begins to increase too quickly. It will support raft and will remove excess loading from skin.

In drugstores various means helping to get rid of hems are on sale. It is medical Rescuer ointment and balm "Ambulance". They well smooth extensions. Besides, if hems were bright red, convex, they become almost imperceptible, white. It is necessary to rub means in the morning and in the evening at least five minutes. First, so the structure will get into the deep skin layers. Secondly, you receive local massage which causes inflow of blood to the damaged sites. There are special means which pregnant women can use. They do not contain pathogenic substances, and are absolutely safe for mother and the kid. It is Mama comfort cream - it has dense, dense consistence. Avent cream will be pleasant to owners of the fat and mixed skin the light, not hammering time texture. Also future mothers like creams of Chicco and Sanosan. These companies are the oldest producers of children's cosmetics and use the same hypoallergenic natural components for adult means. By means of creams and ointments it is possible to reduce extensions, but to get rid of them completely it will not turn out. Only the plastic surgery is for ever capable to eliminate them.

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