Cream for increase in breast: whether there is advantage?

Cream for increase in breast: whether there is advantage?

, elastic breast – one of attributes of female beauty and appeal. But not all ladies and girls can brag of by nature magnificent bust. The modern cosmetology offers many ways to solve this problem and also to recover chest glands after the delivery and feedings. One of them – cream for increase in breast.

Cream for increase in breast – what is it?

Breast cream, according to producers, is capable to solve problem without the appeal to surgical intervention that declines many women in its advantage.

Hormonal medicine of plant origin – phytoestrogen is the cornerstone of cream. It is similar in the structure to women's hormone estrogen. Phytoestrogen, influencing through fabrics, accelerates exchange processes and increase blood circulation in mammary glands. At the expense of it the breast bulks up and at the rate from 0.5 to 2 cm in circle increase, and skin is smoothed and becomes more elastic.

For those who wish to carry out the minimum correction this cream is quite suitable for use. Especially it is good after successful diet or childbirth and feeding of the child breast milk when the breast has a little drooped and has lost elasticity. Here the effect of cream will be noticeable and appropriate. For the women wishing to change cardinally the bust size, this method will become only useless waste of money since the cost of such product is not included into the category house-keeper - from 1000 to 2000 rubles. It follows from this that it is possible to increase bust measurement by means of cream, but the result will be very insignificant and short-lived. After the termination of use of cosmetic through short time everything will return on circles the. Real responses of women at the specialized forums devoted to cosmetics on the Internet confirm this thesis. Not many of them have noticed real advantage of product, and it comes down to insignificant correction and the minimum increase in volume of bust. It is more than a half of the women using this cream, have not seen any changes in the figure at all.

Side effects when using cream

To think that use of cream for increase in breast if does not bring any positive effect, then will definitely not do much harm, mistakenly. Cream has some side effects when using. First, as well as it has been told above, the positive effect exists only during cream usage time. And after the use termination the bust accepts former, alas, not really attractive form again. It follows from this that theoretically cream should use constantly. Secondly, regular use of cream can cause obvisaniye of muscles of chest gland and skin. Thirdly, doctors do not recommend to use this product to not giving birth girls and mothers in the period of lactation. Cream for increase in breast can become quite successful way out for those women who wish to have elastic bust, but aim to avoid surgical intervention at the same time. But before investing money and to put the health at some risk, applying hormonal medicine, it is worth getting acquainted also with other ways of increase in bust – vacuum increase, physical exercises for strengthening of muscles of breast, special diet and dietary supplements.

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