Cream with Retinolum: instruction for application

Cream with Retinolum: instruction for application

as a part of which there is Retinolum have appeared not so long ago, but at once became effective means in fight for youth and purity of skin. Retinolum is artificially synthesized vitamin A. He can save skin from pimples and wrinkles, but only at competent use.


  1. At the first use of cream with Retinolum it is necessary to carry out the sensitivity test then not to be whipping the cat, saving the skin from allergic manifestations. For test it is necessary to apply cream behind ear or on the small site of wrist, and then to observe this place for several days. At emergence of irritation, reddening or peeling, with Retinolum it is better to refuse cream.
  2. It is the best of all to use means with Retinolum for the night. Their drawing is capable to cause short-term reddening of skin which in night will take place. Besides, day drawing such means is capable to provoke pigmentation. Anyway, when using cream with Retinolum it is necessary to remember strong sun-protection means. It is better to be reinsured, than then it is vain to try to get rid of pigmental spots which do not make up skin at all.
  3. It is better for young girls to refuse creams with Retinolum. Everything is good in its season! Believe, skin will quicker grow old if you begin to indulge it so strong means in advance. Optimum age for use of similar cream – after forty years.
  4. It is necessary to give without fail to the skin rest from Retinolum. Such cream is not suitable for permanent care. The optimal variant is to use it two months, and then to take break for three months.
  5. Cream with Retinolum needs to be applied kind of with the driving-in movements. It is not necessary to smear it on skin in chaotic order.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team