Creation of original hairstyle according to the scheme of weaving of cone

Creation of original hairstyle according to the scheme of weaving of cone

The cone is option of braid which can be carried out on average and long hair. The type of hair at the same time does not matter. Technology of weaving of cone quite simple, and on its basis it is possible to create various hairstyles.

Scheme of weaving of cone

The most important when weaving cone is not to mix locks, otherwise the braid will not turn out. That the hairstyle looked accurate, strong hold locks with fingers and do not allow them to be scattered. So, in the beginning take small lock on the top and separate it from other hair. You can process locks mousse or skin if hair very much are fluffy.

If you have no laying means, moisten hair with usual water, and they will be more obedient. Further divide lock into two small locks and cross them among themselves. Conduct the right lock on the left, and left - to the right. One lock will appear under another. Now the left hand take lock on the left side of the head and attach it to the lower lock. In precisely the same way attach lock on the right side of the head. Then conduct this lock to the left side, attaching to the left lock. Now it is possible to carry out weaving since the beginning of the scheme: all actions similar.

During weaving try to take locks as it is possible more thinly, then the braid will look accurater. However all locks have to be identical. For creation of hairstyle on the basis of cone be trained to braid braid several times to fulfill the equipment. The cone effectively looks on melirovanny and kolorirovanny hair.

Options of hairstyles on the basis of cone

Scheme of weaving of cone always same. But the directions of weaving can be various. For example, start up braid from the top on diagonal. At the basis of neck you can fix cone by beautiful elastic band or continue weaving. In the second case the braid will lie on one side. If you have curling or wavy hair, braid cone from nape down, and at the basis of neck record braid hairpin. Twist the remained hair the curling iron or on hair curlers and dismiss. The tail has to be magnificent and volume. If you have enough skill, braid two cones from the top: from the left and right side. At the basis of neck you can spread two beautiful tails or continue weaving up to the end. If you do not wish that the braided braid hanged down on spin, twirl it around and lift on the head. There record braid hairpins and invisible beings so that the elegant bump has turned out. It is possible to put beautiful elastic band, reticulum on her or to decorate it with flower. Bend the braid which is freely lying on spin twice, and remove tip under hair at neck. Put on hairpin or elastic band this place. At you the original loop from braid will turn out. Very interesting hairstyle can be created if to braid cone, beginning from forehead and going down below on the right or left side. At the same time it is enough to take for braid only half of hair. And those that will remain need to be twisted beautifully waves and to lay.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team