Criteria of quality for the hair styler

Criteria of quality for the hair styler

The hair styler is device not only for drying of hair, but also for their combing and creation of beautiful laying. However, unfortunately, many of such goods actually cannot cope with the functions properly.

One of the most important quality indicators of the hair styler is compliance of the stated characteristics of reality. In particular, many producers claim that their device is able to switch quickly to the mode of cold air, however actually air flow is moderately warm. The difference is big: if this function not only is declared in characteristics, but also is present in fact, you will be able much quicker and easier to style hair at the expense of sharp temperature difference.

It is desirable to check the device in shop or to read responses of buyers to be convinced that the characteristics of the hair dryer specified by the producer – not usual marketing mix.

High-quality hair stylers absolutely termobezopasna. As they are intended not only for drying, but also for laying, naturally, that nozzles should be held very close to the head and also from time to time not to avoid touches by fingers to brush elements. Really high-quality hair dryer does not heat air to dangerous temperature. Besides, its nozzles are complemented with special tips which remain cold or warm throughout all usage time of the device. If nozzles overheat, air is too hot and the more so if when drying and laying the air flow gets on hands, complicating process of use of the device, you deal with the low-quality hair dryer.

The important criterion of quality of the hair styler is reliability of design. The model is cheaper, the risk that it will quickly fail is higher. For example, the usual cord without hinged fastening will be often overwound, low-quality fragile nozzles will begin to burst quickly. The more accurately the design, the better is also more qualitatively executed.

In some cheap models of half of the body are adjusted unsteadily, and it causes inconveniences when using the device and reduces the term of its service. Pay attention to such details.

It is very important to specify of what material the brush nozzle is made. Completely plastic elements in this case will be inappropriate even if it is about quality plastics. The ceramics distributes heat much more evenly, influences hair more softly, promotes faster hair dressing. Important criterion of quality – availability of function of reverse of brush, i.e. opportunity to twist nozzle diversely. Professional models, as a rule, are complemented with this function by default. If it is absent, it will be very difficult for owners of long locks to release the hair which have got confused in brush that will badly affect quality of laying and, of course, considerably will slow down process. At last, it is worth paying attention to convenience of switching of air temperature and speed of blowing. If during performance of laying it is necessary to remove often the hair dryer from the head to grope the slider and to switch the mode by free hand, so problem in crudity of design of the hair dryer.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team