Curative wrappings. We disclose advantage of honey in house conditions

Curative wrappings. We disclose advantage of honey in house conditions

Preservation of youth and beauty - long and persistent work. For this purpose it is useful to do curative wrappings. Curative wrapping - the procedure at which by means of film and cosmetics the greenhouse effect in problem zones of body is created. At the expense of it blood circulation, activity of sweat and sebaceous glands amplifies. As a result there are slags and toxins, the appearance of skin improves.

Curative wrapping can be carried out as in SPA salon, and at home. Honey wrapping as honey available and inexpensive means is widely applied in cosmetology. It contains enzymes, enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, minerals. Large amount of vitamins of the A, B, K, E, C group. It does it by irreplaceable component.

Honey is completely absorbed in skin, gets into deep fabrics, promotes restoration of the damaged sites. It stimulates blood circulation, improving food of integuments.

As a result of the procedure the potential of cages increases, there is skin rejuvenation. Regular honey wrapping leads to splitting of subcutaneous fat. It promotes weight loss and prevention of cellulitis.

The course of honey wrappings has to be cycling: - 10-15 procedures, having rummaged month; - 5-10 procedures, break 2 months; - 5 procedures, having rummaged month; - 5 procedures, month break. For the procedure it is possible to take both clean honey, and natural structures. If to add droplet of orange oil to it, the effect will only amplify. Oil normalizes skin oiliness, does it more elastic and smooth. Softens the coarsened sites of skin, brings toxins out of skin. At mix production, honey should be kindled on water bath.

For maintaining useful properties, heat honey only to body temperature. Otherwise it will lose the useful properties. Hot honey causes burns.

It is possible to add burning pepper and coffee to honey. Has to be coffee rough grinding. It plays srub role. Pepper it is possible to use any: red, black, paprika, Chile. But red burning pepper is most often used. It effectively burns fat deposits and improves blood circulation. Honey helps coffee and pepper to get more deeply into thickness skin.

Take 100 g of honey, 3 tablespoons of coffee, half teaspoon of pepper. Carefully mix. Apply mix on problem zone of body. At first smear the small site of skin. At strong burning just dilute mix with honey.

Honey heals scars and hems on skin. It occurs due to cell renewal, strengthening of connecting fabric. It is the best of all to carry out honey wrapping after bath when leather is pure and time is open. It will improve penetration of components of mask and will enhance effect of the procedure. For wrapping it is possible to use usual food wrap. Duration of wrapping is 20-60 minutes. If there is no house bath, take bath. Steam out leather, purify it from pollution. Process leather any srub. The srub will remove the keratosic cells of epidermis. You apply mix with thin layer on problem places, from above wrap film in several layers. During the procedure observe rest. It is better to do wrapping before going to bed. Upon termination of time remove mix from skin, be rinsed. Apply any nutritious or anti-cellulite cream to dry skin. Before carrying out the inspection is desirable to undergo procedures, to consult with the doctor. Wrapping is contraindicated for people with varicose expansion of veins, allergy, gynecologic diseases, diabetes, hypertension.

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