Daily face packs from natural products

Daily face packs from natural products

In our prompt modern life the women just do not have time for visit of beauty shops. And so there is a wish to look perfectly every day and to keep youth of the skin for many years. The usual at first sight daily products from the fridge which are excellently serving as masks help with such cases. In the morning, after washing, they are put on face for 15-20 minutes. This time can be devoted to breakfast or to go about the own business. Then the mask is washed away, slightly mass skin, apply cream and everything is ready!

Masks for oily skin

Sour cream – the fine bleaching means. Deeply getting into skin, cleans and narrows pores, wrinkles are smoothed, skin becomes gentle and smooth, thanks to milk fat. Kefir and fermented baked milk – give feeling of freshness. They also clean face skin, considerably narrow pores, perfectly bleach and tighten. Yogurt - is used only at full confidence in its hundred percentage naturalness (except milk and ferment there is nothing in structure any more). Orange and tangerine – powerful biostimulant. Fruit acids provide effect of peeling, time is pulled together, skin is toned up. Thanks to vitamin C the skin aging process slows down. Citrus just grease with the cut-off segment face. Grapes – under the influence of acids accelerate regeneration, wounds heal, skin becomes elastic, soft and velvety. The expressed effect of rejuvenation. Smear with the cut berries face.

Masks for dry skin

Cream - the fine bleaching means and protection against ultraviolet. Stimulate synthesis of elastin and collagen, remove irritation, prevents appearance of pimples and eels. Honey – does skin resistant to adverse effects of the environment, easily gets into time, has the anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating and calming effect. The peach - remarkably moisturizes the skin and improves complexion. Does skin elastic, smooth and velvety. Persimmon – thanks to the saturated content of beta carotene, has effect of lifting – raises skin tone, stimulates metabolism. The high content of antioxidants is provided by fast cell regeneration and complexions. It is recommended to wipe face with persimmon to smokers and fans of coffee.

Regularly applying any given product as face pack, you considerably change skin, it will look fresh and young.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team