Dandruff: reasons of emergence and methods of fight

Dandruff: reasons of emergence and methods of fight

By results of medical researches, about a third of all inhabitants of the planet face problem of emergence of white "snowflakes" on hair sooner or later. Before beginning fight against this illness, it is worth finding out what is dandruff why it appears and as it is shown.

Often people confuse naturally died off parts of head skin with manifestations of the real dandruff. Simple particles of skin much more small and the land, than the real dandruff can also arise at long stay on cold or at head skin peresushivaniye. To fix problem of peeling of head skin, it is only enough to humidify regularly of it with lotion or special masks or vegetable oils.

How does dandruff look?

The real dandruff is large scales of skin which are sticky, fat, have gray or yellow coloring. Dandruff does not do essential harm to the general state of health of the person, but at its emergence there are unpleasant feelings – itch and also violation of esthetic look.

Reasons of appearance of dandruff

  • Basic reason of appearance of dandruff – change in cycles of development of skin cells of the head: they quickly grow therefore and quickly peel off.
  • There is also fungal dandruff. In that case there is fungus of Pityrosporum ovale which at small amount is present at head skin of each person, but at some people it can become especially active.
  • Weakening of the immune system, irrational food, hormonal failures, stressful situations, wrong head skin care.
  • Developing of seborrheal dermatitis or psoriasis of head skin. Symptoms of these diseases: fat and yellow scales. They arise at inaccurate use of hairbrushes or combs.

How will get rid of dandruff?

As remedy shampoos from dandruff best of all will approach. For effective fight against this illness, it is worth using several options of shampoos. Such means have at the heart of substance of active action:

  • Neutrogena;
  • Zinc (Suave from dandruff, Pert from dandruff, Head&Shoulders);
  • Salicylic acid and sulfur (Sebulex);
  • Selenium sulfide (Selsun, Exsel);
  • Nizoral, etc.

National methods of treatment of dandruff

  • The sage containing tannins and essential oils helps to struggle with dandruff. The tablespoon of dry grass is steamed glass of abrupt boiled water, insisted, cooled and rinse the head.
  • In head skin it is necessary to rub fresh juice of aloe which has bactericidal properties.
  • Henna will help to get rid of dandruff. If you wish to leave natural hair color, then use colourless henna, having made weak solution: 2 tablespoons of means to trouble in boiled water liter, to insist, allow to cool down a little, and then to filter. To rinse with the received infusion hair, massing head skin.

Careful leaving and control of the health will help to avoid emergence of problems with head skin, in particular, of dandruff. Hair care products should be selected individually and fixedly. In that case "snow" on your hair will appear only in winter icy cold.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team